Big change


I have been staying alone for almost 6 months now and it is going to be 2 years in total!

Now, I know what you are thinking. In India, it is not common for a girl to leave the house,until unless she has her college or job in another city. This is perfectly normal for us. (Imagine saving up on rents and food :-D) My parents were really understanding and supportive when I told them that I wish to do Masters outside India. Β I was looking forward to my life staying alone, not that my parents earlier restricted my actions. πŸ˜›

I have heard from lot of people,that initially its difficult,when you have to do all your work on your own. But for me,this change was not a blow. I was surprised at myself,that I accepted this change and did not fuss about it when I landed in Germany.Β 

The people here are more direct, which I like. You don’t have to pretend and say sweet words. They like being direct and love if the opposite person is honest. Before coming here, I had learnt about the culture from my German teachers,so for me, there was nothing shocking. They are perfectly okay with various hues of skin and curves. Most of them understand English, but not the older generation. If you try speaking in German, they love it,even though you are saying everything scrambled. πŸ˜› One thing I agree upon, Beer is definitely their cup of tea.Β 

But apart from the Germans, I have a lot of international students in my class. Their cultures, their language and their personality are poles apart than mine. Initially, for me it was bit difficult how to act around them. You never know, what can get offensive for them,even though I find it funny. What worked for me in the end was observing everyone a lot and speaking only on relevant topics. I usually keep to myself. I am an ambivert so for me talking a lot was reserved only with people I was comfortable with,rest of the time, I prefer Netflixing or reading. I beleive,” Don’t try to fit in! It will happen on its own pace.”

I look forward to lot of such big changes in my life. I want to push my limits of adaptability. Wish me luck πŸ˜‰



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Hi everyone!

I have been keeping busy lately,mostly due to hectic office and my exam preparation.Though I am done with my primary exam,I still have more to go.

I joined in a firm last year as a fresher,in oil & gas.When I started the job,I loved my role.I was posted in Projects division and am still posted.We have this notion that Project people can boss around,know about every other engineering department and usually have MBA degree.

I,on the other hand,have no such interest.I realised that I was posted in the wrong department.All I was made to do,were managerial tasks,which according to some is great,but I think,I want to gain some engineering knowledge before handling this bossy task. 😦 I had graduated in Mechanical engineering and I believe,adding a MBA degree will be a disrespect to the Mother of all engineering courses.(That’s a phrase we use for our ME degree πŸ˜› ) Most of the people think that if we can do the engineering and management together,we can rule the world.Yeah!You will be either in HR department or in Projects.That’s what I have learnt so far.If you beg to differ,kindly explain.I think CEO position is restricted and is available only to a person who is inheriting the company’s assets or have enough money to start-up a company.Also,the curriculum is poles apart.So MBA can never make you a ruler.

You must be thinking I am against this.Well! No.Most of my friends are in this elite club.I had asked the question,”Why do you want to do a MBA?”I came up with interesting answers.

“Gets you good jobs with high payroll. ” That’s true,only if you have done a MBA from prestigious B-schools.

“I need another degree to add to my good,eh?” Looks good?I don’t know.

“Management is the key nowadays.” *face-palm*

My father is a in ME,had worked in the topmost oil & gas PSU and ‘manages’ the work pretty well.Infact,his payroll(including the perks),was almost equivalent,maybe more than what is being offered to people with has retired from the job long ago.I have a similar story with my brother.So I have got ample proof to show that you don’t need another degree to earn money and manage stuff.

I too was coerced into doing this,by my own mother,but I disagreed and gave her my reasons.I think one must acquire or strengthen their base knowledge( for first 5-6 years of their career,then think about joining in Projects or whatever people call these days to the departments dealing with management stuff.How can you manage entire project,when you yourself know so little about your domain?Also,MBA,a costly affair ,isn’t necessary for this stuff. It is just my viewpoint.

I agree,some people prefer management roles and it’s completely fine as long as you can come up with solid reasons for wasting 4 years into engineering and your parents’ money. Maybe the market is to be blamed for creating jobs that require such qualifications.Maybe our generation is to be blamed for being so money oriented or confused.

Sorry! If I sounded weird,but it’s because I have been trying hard enough to change my department since I don’t want it at this moment. 😦

That look he gives!!!! :-O

I was just having lunch with my friend,updating myself with latest developments from her life,when i stumbled upon an event which made me think for a Β long time.She told me about her friend’s conversation with her.He ridiculed the fact that she wanted to try for civil services after she finishes with her law study.That caused some reaction from her side as well from me.

Are guys only capable for civil services ?

To be honest,I did my own little research and found out that this is not at all true.For consecutive three years,women held this prestigious position and topped this exam.It is only in this year that a man from Rajasthan bagged this title.Even after this,a man dares to comment at a woman’s dream of giving the exam.One thing I fail to understand,why can’t a man digest this fact even today, that women are equally able to go for this tough exam.

This is specially in India,even in metropolitan cities,men still are living in the old age.They may fight for women rights on the roads but when it comes for implementation,that’s the kind of response they have for a woman opting for civil services.

Well! my friend will be giving the exam and I wish her luck. πŸ™‚images

U for understanding & P for people

ImageWe all have that moment when we want people to understand us. We want them to realize the effort we put in, in understanding them. All this at the cost of not revealing anything to them. Our expectations relate to mind readers. Magically,somehow we want them to know what’s going on in our mind, what we feel and stuff like that.

Is this normal? Sometimes we feel its our right to expect all these things. We get angry, we get hurt, a twirl of emotions raging in our mind because of this simple fact. We expect our friend or lover to lend a shoulder when we are feeling low. We want others to analyze us in every way to know us because of the simple truth, that we don’t want to be blunt with them. Telling everything to them, “we want this, we don’t like it”, is like asking for attention all the time.

On a personal note,as a Piscean,considered as mysterious πŸ˜‰ we just want to connect with that person,who can read our mind. :-D.This was too direct.I meant we just want that person to notice us,our body language,how we act.We may hide our feelings and won’t show it,but its proven worldwide,thatΒ  our body language speaks more.So I guess,its not tough to understand the other person,right? Only if we care enough to know that person. πŸ™‚

On the other hand, it is abnormal too ,to expect things from people. Expectations only lead to heartbreak. Instead of waiting for people to read your mind, just be straightforward and tell everything. I know, some people will take this as emotionless- creature- behavior. How can you blurt out ?We should be considerate enough not to hurt that person. But to make them understand you ,its in the best interest to tell everything. Its all about how you present your views.

Personally I feel,we should tell them everything,whatever is plaguing us.And for that to happen,talking infront is the best option.Atleast through that way,we may see how they react to us.Talking over phone or texts,is a pretence.You never actually know what the other person is feeling . 😦