That look he gives!!!! :-O

I was just having lunch with my friend,updating myself with latest developments from her life,when i stumbled upon an event which made me think for a Β long time.She told me about her friend’s conversation with her.He ridiculed the fact that she wanted to try for civil services after she finishes with her law study.That caused some reaction from her side as well from me.

Are guys only capable for civil services ?

To be honest,I did my own little research and found out that this is not at all true.For consecutive three years,women held this prestigious position and topped this exam.It is only in this year that a man from Rajasthan bagged this title.Even after this,a man dares to comment at a woman’s dream of giving the exam.One thing I fail to understand,why can’t a man digest this fact even today, that women are equally able to go for this tough exam.

This is specially in India,even in metropolitan cities,men still are living in the old age.They may fight for women rights on the roads but when it comes for implementation,that’s the kind of response they have for a woman opting for civil services.

Well! my friend will be giving the exam and I wish her luck. πŸ™‚images


Changing Homo Sapien-Me

Hey all

I know I haven’t been a regular in blogging.Well,thanks to my college,it snatched away all my creativity for a month because I had to give a presentation on a project,that refused to work till the end and left us with no alternatives.For those of you,who want to know how did it go,my answer is,surprisingly well. πŸ™‚

Just one more month to go,and I will be officially using the Β ‘Er’ tag for an engineer,which is quite the rave these days.My day usually involves searching for jobs,studying for job exams and talking to my friends.The four years of my college went in studying,hangouts with friends & nothing more.I didn’t care much how I looked but when we saw other girls,we were awestruck at their perfection.The girls looked flawless,with the right touch of makeup with apt clothing.

Being in mechanical engineering domain,if a girl wears makeup or looks girly,they are not taken seriously.Even the faculty looks down at you in a way that makes you realize you are worthless in a field dominated by men.What’s the worst part,the males either think,”She looks too pretty to work on that machine.I have to help her.” or “She’s a girl,she will get marks easily.” :-\ Also,my own psych prevented me from experiencing the world of makeup and dresses.I clungΒ onto comfy clothing(Jeans,tees ) with the usual pigtail & sneakers.

Now that I have ample time at home,and also looking forward to a job ambiance,my mother and I think it’s time to don on that ‘look’.I have started looking at video tutorials,reviews of various makeup brands and compiled my own list of must-haves.I went out shopping for affordable cosmetics and returned home victorious.I started testing with them so that I am ready for office look and also for any party.You won’t believe,I looked at those beauties like a child looking at his huge crayon box. πŸ˜€

I am shocked that I am becoming into entirely different person.I take care of myself,read about skin care and health and love getting ready for any event. πŸ˜› I don’t know whether this change is good or not,but I like light makeup.Since my skin doesn’t permit such foreign bodies touching me,I cannot experiment so much.Otherwise I am excited to wear that ramp look always . πŸ˜‰

So all those engineers,doctors and girls from hectic professions,don’t shy away from the world of beauty.You will feel good.



bottoms Up!

I was just browsing through some sites,reading random articles on my way,finalizing an idea on something ,I could write about.I was talking to my friend also,side by side,who told me,write something about why vodka and breezer is considered to be a girl’s drink only.

Now,that’s a very good topic.I have heard the same myth,specially where i live.In my group of friends,there are some who would gulp down only so-called ‘men’s drinks’ ,and then there are some,who don’t go by the traditional rule-book.I am not judging anyone ,but before I could say more. (I did my own research.I was extremely bored and thought of doing a survey. πŸ˜› )

Kindly click on the below link to see for yourself.


My survey composed of 18 males out of 28 total.When it comes to drinking,guys can have any drink but if they are told to choose,they will opt for beer or whiskey.Interesting fact is if women are told to choose or if a guy is asked to choose for a girl,majority of the people went for strong drinks,which clearly shows it’s a myth that women only select colored or flavored drinks in those curvy glasses.They have equal penchant for those ‘hard’ drinks.To be honest,I did see a pattern that men have a tendency to drink beer more,and prefer less vodka,but it’s usually in the psych of that person.My friends ,usually males,do drink vodka on a regular basis along with beer.Its neither less nor more.At par you can say.

So I believe,only some of the population thinks and discriminates on this basis.And there are many times,when the guy gets drunkΒ more easily than the girl,so mind you…think twice before saying-beer is only a men’s drink. πŸ˜›



hibernation period over!!!

Hey folks!

Hope your days are going awesome and you are feeling spirited,if not,then tell your bestie to give you a hug.Trust me,a hug works wonders. πŸ™‚

I know its been a while that i have got myself writing on anything random or maybe stupid. πŸ˜‰ Well! I can’t help it,i have been busy with shitload of college assignments,project work & most importantly,my entrance exams for PSUs.For those of you who reside outside India or maybe not Indians,we graduates have to give tests for jobs as well on a national level.PSUs stand for public sector undertaking companies,like Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. ,GAIL,SAIL.Maybe you have heard of it.These companies recruit through campus from top universities like IITs & NITs,but for others like me,who graduated from private universities or maybe didn’t make it through campus recruitment,opt for GATE exam.Its a technical exam and if you get a good rank,you are called for interviews or group discussions from these companies and voila!you have earned that top govt. job.Apart from GATE,some PSUs conduct their own exams too.So you see,these things have been keeping me occupied.I have some more lined up ahead,but i was missing my blog so much that i decided to drop by. πŸ˜›

Well! college has ended and i am having a drink of mixed emotions.Friends are getting job and going elsewhere,leaving you distraught whether you will get a job or not.I will miss my friends so much.Also,i realized some people are going to stay with you forever,and some were just passing by.But at the same time,i am excited of a new start to my life,thrilled at the prospect of meeting new people and challenges.

For now,this is what i can write about.I will definitely come up with more crazy things to babble about.Till then,take care. Sayonara :-*

Make others ‘Happy’ New year

Every 31st Dec & 1st Jan,my Facebook and other social networking accounts get bombarded with ‘Happy New Year’ wishes.As if that’s not enough,my phone keeps buzzing every 5 minutes.I know new year makes people excited & happy,but to be truthful, whatever we hope to make our year peaceful and positive,we do end up with something bad and saddening news always.

Instead of making new year resolution for yourself,let’s pledge to make new year resolution for others,because we all know,its easy to boss someone around than sticking to a regime yourself.How about,passing a smile to random people on the street?I know it sounds crazy,but think,it will force the other person to smile too.They would think its weird,but in the end,they will smile back.

We can say ‘thank you’ to a stranger or a friend from whom we asked for a help.Saying that,is the biggest act of gratitude.It fills you with warmth,and happiness.And the person who receives that,he feels acknowledged & you make his/her day.I have got some friends who rush away to their work without saying thank you,and I say that on behalf of them.Well! They do hear from me later on. πŸ˜›

I am sure,you can find other simple resolutions.Just remember,make others happy,and you will get happy in return.



No need to hold on

all the things i said,

all the things you meant,

every belief we had,

was meant to be a degrade;

you want to leave forever,

The door’s wide open,

Shed those last tears,

No more of you here;

All those promises,fake,

your love was just for sake,

learnt my lesson ,

Because you did a treason;

No need to hold on

to you

to your breath

to your smile

to your love

playing is your forte,

you are a great sport,

mind you ,am not weak,

died the girl who was meek;

life isn’t finished yet,

new dreams are set,

last of your remains,

washed away with the rains;

life is more cheery,

i have grown up more,

realized my mistakes,

and moving on forward;

No need to hold on

to you

to your touch

to your care

to your love

I am able to fly higher

you are no more my desire

there’s more to life,

than just petty love;

no need to hold on

to you


Everything about winter

Waking up today morning,I realized I am feeling cold.I figured maybe the windows are open but they weren’t. I got off the bed & oh my,the floor was so chilled.I was shivering too so I wrapped myself with a shawl.That’s when I realized that winter has set in.
It seemed like only yesterday I was drinking shakes in CP with my close friends,enjoying the summer.I forgot completely that November is the time when winter starts knocking at your door.So many things had happened throughout this summer and monsoon,that the onset of winter is surprising me for the first time.
Winter is not just about hot beverages,bonfires,heaters and warm clothing,for me winter signifies festivities,sugar treats and romance.We have a winter period of 4 months approx. with December and January being the harshest.
When it comes to festivals,November marks the beginning of it.We have Diwali & Bhai dooj for starters.These two itself last for about 2 weeks.People can’t get enough of it.
images (1) - Copy
Β December ushers in Christmas spirit & you will see malls and other places all lined up with red and green decorations.Its a treat to the eyes which get bored with the usual monotone colors of winters.I personally like the sound of the bells ringing in a distant church.
download (2) - Copy
This is a month-long affair.January is all about freshness and new year.We keep on partying till we get tired.New year resolutions are in vogue but hardly anyone keeps up with it anymore. πŸ˜› Lastly February brings in Basant panchami and Saraswati puja. You will see mostly women and children wearing hues of yellow,green and orange.Basically its celebrated to welcome the spring season which starts from March.
download (3)
Though celebrating all these is tough when you have to brave the cold wave & the dense fog.Its too dangerous.But celebrations give you instant energy & you can face anything.
For me winter is also about cupcakes and cookies.They are my favorite & I can gorge on them daily if I have the chance,not caring about weight gain issue. πŸ˜€ Mostly you will find these more during December and January.Cupcakes give you that warm sugary feeling which makes winter more bearable.The cute ones fill you with happiness.It is impossible to stay in bad mood when you see one and eat it.Cookies are equally amorous and irresistible.
Lastly romance,an inevitable part of life,is sure to combine with this cold season to give that warm feeling,no one can avoid.All the warm clothing is not enough to keep you warm when that special someone is with you,beside you to give company,make you laugh,when they make you forget its winter.I don’t know why,but being hugged by that person gives your body that reaction to release those hormones that give that warm feeling. Cozying up,holding each other & all other romantic stuff,makes winter even more inviting.
downloadFor me winters have been beautiful & I hope you find your reasons to make it beautiful too. πŸ™‚