Snackible snacks box review

Hey all!

I love trying out new things,be it restaurant,dish,subscription boxes or makeup. πŸ˜› And I love reviewing them also.If you are like me who wants to keep trying out new experiences,then this post might be helpful to you,specially if you are a foodie.

I have tried subscription boxes related to health and beauty,but wished for a food/snacks service too.So when I heard of Snackible,I quickly jumped onto the wagon,filled my order form and clicked on ‘Submit’. Voila! My first snack subscription box.

Snackible is a subscription service that delivers healthy & delicious snacks to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis anywhere in India.Snackible is a solution for the snackaholics who face the constant struggle between health and taste. It is a subscription service delivering a snackbox on a weekly or monthly basis to your home or workplace. Your snackbox will be full of highly curated and unique snacks which are loaded with nutrition and taste giving you the best of both worlds.

Packages –

Weekly Box (Delivered Every Week)
1. Trial Box
2. 1 Month Subscription (4 boxes)
3. 3 Month Subscription (8 Boxes)
4. 6 month Subscription (12 Boxes)

Monthly Box (Delivered Every Month)
1. Single Box
2. 3 Month Subscription
3. 6 Month Subscription

Their site isΒ However,currently it is in developing stage.You can also find them on facebook and instagram to look at the photos of the delicious snacks.

My views: I had ordered the trial box and it is the cheapest of the lot.It retails for INR 295 only inclusive of shipping cost.The trial box will contain 5 individual sized packets which will last you a week.Hence the name trial/weekly box on their order form.

I loved the fact that you can choose your own snacks or you can tell them to choose for you.Also,they allow repetitons of snacks in your box.They accept COD and online payment both.I went for the COD.

What I had ordered-

  1. Roasted Soyabean Mix
  2. Oat Honey and Raisin Cookies
  3. Fruit Medley
  4. Baked Bhakarwadi
  5. Roasted Seed Mix

I gave the order on a saturday and it reached me on Monday,so they take care of the delivery time. πŸ™‚
Packaging-The snacks came in a rectangular cardboard box with their logo on the top.When you open it,you are greeted with a pamphlet,listing out their snacks and a welcome note.I loved it. πŸ™‚ Each of the packets displayed cost,weight,expiry date,calorie content and ingredients.The packets are like thick plastic zip-lock packet which is travel friendly.Sadly,my cookies got delivered in a broken state. 😦
Roasted seed mix-It tastes seed like πŸ˜›Β ,no spices so may not satisfy your taste buds but I find this might help people who are diabetic or suffering from BP,as this doesn’t contain sugar or salt.
Roasted soyabean mix- This is yummy.It has spicy flavour so I finished this within 2 days.
Fruit medley-If you are a candy lover,you need to buy this.It tastes amazing,really like fruits .
Baked bhakarwadis-It is also spicy but bit hard,so if you having teeth problems,stay away.
Oat honey raisin cookies-They should have mentioned it contains almonds also.I am allergic to it so when I found out,I was controlling my urge to bite it.This came to me broken. 😦 But when I tasted it,it did taste good,specially for people who don’t like extreme teeth biting sugar in their meals.
IMG_20150613_000754_HDR IMG_20150613_000707_HDR
IMG_20150613_000928_HDR IMG_20150613_001013_HDR IMG_20150613_001027_HDR
Overall,I loved the snacks and their concept.Every snack was fresh,so yay! from my side.If you want to order any box,head over to their order form.
I hope you liked the review.If you have any questions,don’t hesitate to ask me.
Hope to see you in my next post.Bye. πŸ™‚
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Hi everyone!

I have been keeping busy lately,mostly due to hectic office and my exam preparation.Though I am done with my primary exam,I still have more to go.

I joined in a firm last year as a fresher,in oil & gas.When I started the job,I loved my role.I was posted in Projects division and am still posted.We have this notion that Project people can boss around,know about every other engineering department and usually have MBA degree.

I,on the other hand,have no such interest.I realised that I was posted in the wrong department.All I was made to do,were managerial tasks,which according to some is great,but I think,I want to gain some engineering knowledge before handling this bossy task. 😦 I had graduated in Mechanical engineering and I believe,adding a MBA degree will be a disrespect to the Mother of all engineering courses.(That’s a phrase we use for our ME degree πŸ˜› ) Most of the people think that if we can do the engineering and management together,we can rule the world.Yeah!You will be either in HR department or in Projects.That’s what I have learnt so far.If you beg to differ,kindly explain.I think CEO position is restricted and is available only to a person who is inheriting the company’s assets or have enough money to start-up a company.Also,the curriculum is poles apart.So MBA can never make you a ruler.

You must be thinking I am against this.Well! No.Most of my friends are in this elite club.I had asked the question,”Why do you want to do a MBA?”I came up with interesting answers.

“Gets you good jobs with high payroll. ” That’s true,only if you have done a MBA from prestigious B-schools.

“I need another degree to add to my good,eh?” Looks good?I don’t know.

“Management is the key nowadays.” *face-palm*

My father is a in ME,had worked in the topmost oil & gas PSU and ‘manages’ the work pretty well.Infact,his payroll(including the perks),was almost equivalent,maybe more than what is being offered to people with has retired from the job long ago.I have a similar story with my brother.So I have got ample proof to show that you don’t need another degree to earn money and manage stuff.

I too was coerced into doing this,by my own mother,but I disagreed and gave her my reasons.I think one must acquire or strengthen their base knowledge( for first 5-6 years of their career,then think about joining in Projects or whatever people call these days to the departments dealing with management stuff.How can you manage entire project,when you yourself know so little about your domain?Also,MBA,a costly affair ,isn’t necessary for this stuff. It is just my viewpoint.

I agree,some people prefer management roles and it’s completely fine as long as you can come up with solid reasons for wasting 4 years into engineering and your parents’ money. Maybe the market is to be blamed for creating jobs that require such qualifications.Maybe our generation is to be blamed for being so money oriented or confused.

Sorry! If I sounded weird,but it’s because I have been trying hard enough to change my department since I don’t want it at this moment. 😦

That look he gives!!!! :-O

I was just having lunch with my friend,updating myself with latest developments from her life,when i stumbled upon an event which made me think for a Β long time.She told me about her friend’s conversation with her.He ridiculed the fact that she wanted to try for civil services after she finishes with her law study.That caused some reaction from her side as well from me.

Are guys only capable for civil services ?

To be honest,I did my own little research and found out that this is not at all true.For consecutive three years,women held this prestigious position and topped this exam.It is only in this year that a man from Rajasthan bagged this title.Even after this,a man dares to comment at a woman’s dream of giving the exam.One thing I fail to understand,why can’t a man digest this fact even today, that women are equally able to go for this tough exam.

This is specially in India,even in metropolitan cities,men still are living in the old age.They may fight for women rights on the roads but when it comes for implementation,that’s the kind of response they have for a woman opting for civil services.

Well! my friend will be giving the exam and I wish her luck. πŸ™‚images

hibernation period over!!!

Hey folks!

Hope your days are going awesome and you are feeling spirited,if not,then tell your bestie to give you a hug.Trust me,a hug works wonders. πŸ™‚

I know its been a while that i have got myself writing on anything random or maybe stupid. πŸ˜‰ Well! I can’t help it,i have been busy with shitload of college assignments,project work & most importantly,my entrance exams for PSUs.For those of you who reside outside India or maybe not Indians,we graduates have to give tests for jobs as well on a national level.PSUs stand for public sector undertaking companies,like Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. ,GAIL,SAIL.Maybe you have heard of it.These companies recruit through campus from top universities like IITs & NITs,but for others like me,who graduated from private universities or maybe didn’t make it through campus recruitment,opt for GATE exam.Its a technical exam and if you get a good rank,you are called for interviews or group discussions from these companies and voila!you have earned that top govt. job.Apart from GATE,some PSUs conduct their own exams too.So you see,these things have been keeping me occupied.I have some more lined up ahead,but i was missing my blog so much that i decided to drop by. πŸ˜›

Well! college has ended and i am having a drink of mixed emotions.Friends are getting job and going elsewhere,leaving you distraught whether you will get a job or not.I will miss my friends so much.Also,i realized some people are going to stay with you forever,and some were just passing by.But at the same time,i am excited of a new start to my life,thrilled at the prospect of meeting new people and challenges.

For now,this is what i can write about.I will definitely come up with more crazy things to babble about.Till then,take care. Sayonara :-*

ImMiNeNt ChAnGeS

imageslife has a tendency to play you as if you are just a toy.Life forgets that we are weak hearted and end up getting hurt easily.We rise up from the ashes and start afresh.But the scars remain enough to change us permanently.

Every major situation teaches us something.We learn not to make the same mistake again.But sometimes,we keep on doing the same things,because we hope that maybe this time will be different.Hope makes you do things.It is responsible for your sorrows and happiness.You don’t know what will happen to you because things are unpredictable when you do them out of hope.

Positive situations & outcomes bring out the best in you,but what about the negative?When within a short duration,all negative stuff starts happening to you,you realize life is partial to you.It has reserved all the negativity for you on purpose.We are taught lessons through these and sometimes these things change us for the better.

You change entirely.You become a different person altogether.People close to you feel different about you and may say this,” You have changed.” Your friends will adapt accordingly and understand why you have changed,but others start questioning you.People who hurt you notice that it doesn’t matter anymore what they do,because you have stopped caring for them.This time they feel awkward and get hurt.You don’t intentionally do things but your changed persona has made you into a person,that your actions and words become rough.What is more surprising is that,there’s no feeling of remorse.We feel that we are behaving normal.

The end result is we are more cautious towards everything and prevent anything bad happening to us.Our changed personality helps in alleviating all the bad influences from our life so that we become a better person and start receiving life’s best possessions. πŸ™‚

So change is necessary for life & be thankful to all the people who changed you,because every cloud has a silver lining.

Complicated love

just the sight is enough to make our heart beat faster.We talk daily,laugh,roam,do possibly all kinds of things as friends and suddenly without knowing,we fall into the addictive attractive feeling of love.

Then comes,the late night talks,whispering sweet nothings,cuddling,hugging,loving each other with open arms and this continues for some months.We girls want this romance never ending.Add to this fuel are the Hollywood romantic flicks.Everything appears so perfect.

But suddenly you start feeling something amiss.Talks become less,busy schedules take up the space,more people come between you and your partner and then before you can even stop it,arguments and fights start cropping up. 😦 You say things you don’t mean to,and get hurt by the things which you never wanted to hear.Out of desperation & frustration,some just leave their partner and part ways,others come up with solutions & some just stop talking altogether and wait for things to even out.

Every love has a sweet phase which is the initial phase,wherein everything is lovey dovey and you find everything perfect.Then comes the boring phase where you think whats happening to you.You start questioning yourself,why did you fall in love?You doubt your partner.You just feel suffocated as to what happened to the early phase.You crave for happiness,you crave for that excitement & surprises.Some people break out of such relationships.Others just work out.And then there are those,who are stuck and clueless about what to do?

People forget that to love is easy,but to keep loving is the most difficult task.What brought you and your partner close,is the reason you are together.But if that thing disappears,boredom sets in.Relationships need sparks to keep the embers burning.It needs Effort.Lack of this is the reason why love becomes boring and people commit infidelity.

So prioritize your lover.Spend as much time as possible ,through texts,Skype,calls or meet them.Keep talking & sharing.Lack of communication is the main reason why couples break apart.And keep the romance alive..Instead of flirting with others to combat your frustration,flirt with your lover.Indulge in the things which earlier brought you together πŸ™‚

Happy loving to all of you :-*


just met casually,u seemed like a sweet guy

exchanged numbers,started talking till night

u r too naive,thats what i thought

who knew,u r actually someone funny

u r like a friend,with whom i talk nything,nytime

i m myself infrnt u,no need to pretend

i m stupid,m crazy,thats what i am

messy,trippin on stones,bt u r thr,to hold me in case i fall


love wen u share just abt nythng,m all urs,m all ears

u make me realise wen m crossing d line

good influence on my damaged life

maybe u r nt perfect

bt u r unique enuf fr me

u r d crush,whose thought makes me blush

wenevr my frnds tease me abt u

talking to u everyday is like my escape from this harsh world

nythng,everythng abt u,i find endearing

i just wish maybe we cn b more

yes,i am bit scared and shy

fearing coz of what happened earlier

afraid,i’ll lose my love again,and myself into a darkvoid

i am shy,coz d way u look at me

i haven’t lied ever to u,coz fr me truth is d sweetest form of love u can offer

i may appear outgoing and bold

equally emotional and weak inside

il offer every part of my life to u

that’s my dream

may the Almighty grant me my wish

becoz u r too good to lose