No need to hold on

all the things i said,

all the things you meant,

every belief we had,

was meant to be a degrade;

you want to leave forever,

The door’s wide open,

Shed those last tears,

No more of you here;

All those promises,fake,

your love was just for sake,

learnt my lesson ,

Because you did a treason;

No need to hold on

to you

to your breath

to your smile

to your love

playing is your forte,

you are a great sport,

mind you ,am not weak,

died the girl who was meek;

life isn’t finished yet,

new dreams are set,

last of your remains,

washed away with the rains;

life is more cheery,

i have grown up more,

realized my mistakes,

and moving on forward;

No need to hold on

to you

to your touch

to your care

to your love

I am able to fly higher

you are no more my desire

there’s more to life,

than just petty love;

no need to hold on

to you




I want to feel this closeness

I want to see our holiness

That we share, we care for each other

Amorous are we, truly & exquisitelyimagesCA9R12VS

World is ours, we rule, we live in it

I want to take you places,you’ve never been

My love, I love thee

All I want to is surrender

My heart, my soul, my body to your every core.

When we first met

You talked and we laughed

So many dreams we have woven

Treaded miles barefoot on the thornsimagesCATC3SZC

You laid a path of rose petals for me

If I trip, you’re there to hold me

All I want to is surrender

My heart, my soul, my body to your every core.

U for understanding & P for people

ImageWe all have that moment when we want people to understand us. We want them to realize the effort we put in, in understanding them. All this at the cost of not revealing anything to them. Our expectations relate to mind readers. Magically,somehow we want them to know what’s going on in our mind, what we feel and stuff like that.

Is this normal? Sometimes we feel its our right to expect all these things. We get angry, we get hurt, a twirl of emotions raging in our mind because of this simple fact. We expect our friend or lover to lend a shoulder when we are feeling low. We want others to analyze us in every way to know us because of the simple truth, that we don’t want to be blunt with them. Telling everything to them, “we want this, we don’t like it”, is like asking for attention all the time.

On a personal note,as a Piscean,considered as mysterious 😉 we just want to connect with that person,who can read our mind. :-D.This was too direct.I meant we just want that person to notice us,our body language,how we act.We may hide our feelings and won’t show it,but its proven worldwide,that  our body language speaks more.So I guess,its not tough to understand the other person,right? Only if we care enough to know that person. 🙂

On the other hand, it is abnormal too ,to expect things from people. Expectations only lead to heartbreak. Instead of waiting for people to read your mind, just be straightforward and tell everything. I know, some people will take this as emotionless- creature- behavior. How can you blurt out ?We should be considerate enough not to hurt that person. But to make them understand you ,its in the best interest to tell everything. Its all about how you present your views.

Personally I feel,we should tell them everything,whatever is plaguing us.And for that to happen,talking infront is the best option.Atleast through that way,we may see how they react to us.Talking over phone or texts,is a pretence.You never actually know what the other person is feeling . 😦


everything was exquisite
his lips on mine,i am numb
rhythmic assault,setting me on fire
i stop,what is this?
i need some air,too much hot
the emotions are so endearing

addiction of this kind is rare
i am the luckiest person
to have you
this isn’t fair
so many dreams we had woven
i blush when you spoke
so much love
i shouldn’t take
and now when i recall
i am speechless
tears trickle down my cheeks
where has the love gone?
where has he gone?
i wish i begged,another try if you can
answer was no,i held my head high
i agreed,i had my ego to protect
my loved ones suggested
move on babe
how can i,when i can’t even forget his name
months have passed, talking like an acquaintance
but when i have flashbacks
there’s no tear,
so much control on them,hiding the truth
i am living but not living my life

A mother,A wife,A woman

i finished with my exams on 2nd may and since then i am getting so much bored.I personally don’t believe in Mother’s day.I feel just a single day is not enough to show our gratitude and respect to our moms.If we truly care,we should celebrate everyday because she is too precious to be idolised and adored only for a single day.I just feel its a western concept.
nowadays if i am at home,i am supposed to help my mom with the housework because i am a “girl”.a very good excuse indeed but perhaps i don’t quite like the idea of doing such work.I can sympathise with my mom who does 95% of the work,the rest is shared among me,my dad & bro.But during holidays,i just become too lazy to do household work.Its true everywhere.most of the past generation moms do all the house chores.Its very rare to find any male member of the family helping her.
though i am lazy,but when i think from this perspective,i get an energy from somewhere,and place myself in front my mother to help her in anyway.She is all alone doing everything for the family,she deserves such help from our side.She makes our favourite dishes,she cleans our room if we forget doing it our self.Either she washes our clothes herself or strains her back while doing on a washing machine.She is the one who wakes up every morning early, before everyone else does.She is the only one who goes to sleep after everyone has slept.So many reasons!!!!
Yet we don’t care to help her out.We just bring some gifts on her birthday or mother’s day & that’s it.We forget about her.To be honest,i personally felt that she would be more happy if she sees her family helping her the way she helped build the family.
Husbands:take care of your wife,Don’t shower her with just gifts,she would be more happy if you give time to her,talk to her,sit and laugh with her.Help her with household work.Let her take rest on weekends and surprise her with some culinary delights you made yourself.Even if it gets burnt or doesn’t taste good,she will realise that you at least made an effort. :-)A woman likes it very much if her man takes the role of a woman in a family sometimes.

Children:Don’t take your mother to be granted.Help her in every way.If you know cooking,go ahead.Try to do your own work,don’t just yell from your room “mom! please get this done…”Let your mom take rest on weekends.Just like you look forward to weekends,she does too.Maybe go out together and have a family fun.

Guys!nowadays,the girl you are dating or maybe about to date,just remember this fact,that 95% of the girls are going to work after marriage.Don’t expect that she will act like your mother.She won’t get time to do the household work.Just like you ,she will return home at 8pm.She will be tired just like you so don’t expect her to rush off to kitchen to make dinner while you slog in front the TV.Go and make dinner together.Help her in making breakfast in the morning.Distribute the work evenly.Com mon`Just like you she also studied hard to become something in life,her parents didn’t let her work or teach her work,because just like you she too was studying for her degree. she is a girl,doesn’t mean she knows every household work.She tries hard to adjust,but please don’t try her always.take initiative and love her for what she is.Many men don’t understand this.Please try to treat her as equal and i mean really equal,not just verbally.

My brother and i have been raised up with this notion.To be honest my brother is the best cook in the home just after my mother,followed by my father.My brother and father,help her in the chores in the evening when they return from office.on weekends,one of them cooks.When i stay at home,i make sure i am always there when she needs me.I am not saying every family should be like ours,but what i am trying to say,make an effort!!!

Not Meant For Love

when i first saw you
i knew it was only you
instant connection
with no deliberation
we talked for a while
and i made you mine
but forgot to ask you
whether you love me too
though later you say
you love me so true
but i don’t know
my heart fails to get it
even though i want to
there’s little bit regret
did i rush into this?
cause, the way you talked endless
now its just minutes or less
did i do something wrong?
or you, somewhere else, belong?

you don’t speak much
and i got tired of asking you
though i used to
but you never answered
my ego is on the rise
do you really love me right?
is it just physical you seek?
i am not that girl,i am meek
so tell me,do you wish to go forward?
cause,already my time’s wasted
i don’t want to anymore
it would hurt me
more than you know
though i may act ignorant
but you won’t know
what lies in my heart
you never unearthed it
cause,you were too far
you weren’t interested
and i cried hard
why i even met you!
you only talked,when you were bored
where’s the respect,i deserve?
i am much more worth
you don’t realise
i was your first girl
but you aren’t treating her right
if you don’t change
she will go,to the place she is happier
she tried hard to make you come back
but you failed to realise her effort
you aren’t meant for love

Just for now

i get hurt
by that word,
when i know u won’t b there.

i am with u
fr the time,
 its the only moment i have.
i know what is in the future;
i know u just won’t b there.
u r afraid of them,i know.
yet u hv hopes fr me still,
but i know its not so…
coz its never gonna work!
maybe i love you too much,

to let you go now,
but i will shed tears when time comes.

 i will hide them,
you won’t know,
to bid you goodbye;
with a smile alone.
i will be happy wherever you are,
with whomever you want to,
coz i have the memories to live with.
cherishing them in my heart,
that i met & loved such a beautiful person!