bottoms Up!

I was just browsing through some sites,reading random articles on my way,finalizing an idea on something ,I could write about.I was talking to my friend also,side by side,who told me,write something about why vodka and breezer is considered to be a girl’s drink only.

Now,that’s a very good topic.I have heard the same myth,specially where i live.In my group of friends,there are some who would gulp down only so-called ‘men’s drinks’ ,and then there are some,who don’t go by the traditional rule-book.I am not judging anyone ,but before I could say more. (I did my own research.I was extremely bored and thought of doing a survey. 😛 )

Kindly click on the below link to see for yourself.


My survey composed of 18 males out of 28 total.When it comes to drinking,guys can have any drink but if they are told to choose,they will opt for beer or whiskey.Interesting fact is if women are told to choose or if a guy is asked to choose for a girl,majority of the people went for strong drinks,which clearly shows it’s a myth that women only select colored or flavored drinks in those curvy glasses.They have equal penchant for those ‘hard’ drinks.To be honest,I did see a pattern that men have a tendency to drink beer more,and prefer less vodka,but it’s usually in the psych of that person.My friends ,usually males,do drink vodka on a regular basis along with beer.Its neither less nor more.At par you can say.

So I believe,only some of the population thinks and discriminates on this basis.And there are many times,when the guy gets drunk more easily than the girl,so mind you…think twice before saying-beer is only a men’s drink. 😛




Party girl or nerdy?

well..considering myself pretty,its obvious for people to like my pic. 😛:p ok..m not trying to boast just i beleive tht  😉;)

But it also gave rise to some questions which my friends asked me.

“Girl! You have changed a lot.A party person?You weren’t like this at all.”

Hmmn,that made me think,what was i then earlier? :-\ In the school,i was reserved,didn’t talk to any one except with my close friends.When i was in high school,I opened up a little bit,but still one thing that remained constant throughout my school years was that i was kind off into studying( or in other words you can say nerdy! :-P)I wore specs & that gave an impression of a geek .com’on if i wear lenses,you won’t call me geek right? :-O Nowadays,i wear lenses & specs both.Thankfully,i haven’t heard people saying anymore of this crap.

So,i felt that i was tagged a nerd because:-

  1. I wore specs all the time
  2. I was an introvert
  3. i studied maybe (Gosh!i didn’t know studying is considered so uncool :-O)

First of all,i don’t like such tags.It’s like confining somebody in a particular domain. 😦 People change consistently &  this is a universal fact.Accept it!I am still the same from inside(take it anyway you want 😛 ) ,it’s just my interests have increased.

I love studying & partying,am an ambivert now & am content with the way my life is changing its direction.I love the new me. 🙂

True friends accept the way you are.They just change some of our interests  for our own benefit.but yes,i am pretty much sure,my parents wouldn’t want me to change.They would prefer a nerd . 😀 😀

A mother,A wife,A woman

i finished with my exams on 2nd may and since then i am getting so much bored.I personally don’t believe in Mother’s day.I feel just a single day is not enough to show our gratitude and respect to our moms.If we truly care,we should celebrate everyday because she is too precious to be idolised and adored only for a single day.I just feel its a western concept.
nowadays if i am at home,i am supposed to help my mom with the housework because i am a “girl”.a very good excuse indeed but perhaps i don’t quite like the idea of doing such work.I can sympathise with my mom who does 95% of the work,the rest is shared among me,my dad & bro.But during holidays,i just become too lazy to do household work.Its true everywhere.most of the past generation moms do all the house chores.Its very rare to find any male member of the family helping her.
though i am lazy,but when i think from this perspective,i get an energy from somewhere,and place myself in front my mother to help her in anyway.She is all alone doing everything for the family,she deserves such help from our side.She makes our favourite dishes,she cleans our room if we forget doing it our self.Either she washes our clothes herself or strains her back while doing on a washing machine.She is the one who wakes up every morning early, before everyone else does.She is the only one who goes to sleep after everyone has slept.So many reasons!!!!
Yet we don’t care to help her out.We just bring some gifts on her birthday or mother’s day & that’s it.We forget about her.To be honest,i personally felt that she would be more happy if she sees her family helping her the way she helped build the family.
Husbands:take care of your wife,Don’t shower her with just gifts,she would be more happy if you give time to her,talk to her,sit and laugh with her.Help her with household work.Let her take rest on weekends and surprise her with some culinary delights you made yourself.Even if it gets burnt or doesn’t taste good,she will realise that you at least made an effort. :-)A woman likes it very much if her man takes the role of a woman in a family sometimes.

Children:Don’t take your mother to be granted.Help her in every way.If you know cooking,go ahead.Try to do your own work,don’t just yell from your room “mom! please get this done…”Let your mom take rest on weekends.Just like you look forward to weekends,she does too.Maybe go out together and have a family fun.

Guys!nowadays,the girl you are dating or maybe about to date,just remember this fact,that 95% of the girls are going to work after marriage.Don’t expect that she will act like your mother.She won’t get time to do the household work.Just like you ,she will return home at 8pm.She will be tired just like you so don’t expect her to rush off to kitchen to make dinner while you slog in front the TV.Go and make dinner together.Help her in making breakfast in the morning.Distribute the work evenly.Com mon`Just like you she also studied hard to become something in life,her parents didn’t let her work or teach her work,because just like you she too was studying for her degree. she is a girl,doesn’t mean she knows every household work.She tries hard to adjust,but please don’t try her always.take initiative and love her for what she is.Many men don’t understand this.Please try to treat her as equal and i mean really equal,not just verbally.

My brother and i have been raised up with this notion.To be honest my brother is the best cook in the home just after my mother,followed by my father.My brother and father,help her in the chores in the evening when they return from office.on weekends,one of them cooks.When i stay at home,i make sure i am always there when she needs me.I am not saying every family should be like ours,but what i am trying to say,make an effort!!!

Not Meant For Love

when i first saw you
i knew it was only you
instant connection
with no deliberation
we talked for a while
and i made you mine
but forgot to ask you
whether you love me too
though later you say
you love me so true
but i don’t know
my heart fails to get it
even though i want to
there’s little bit regret
did i rush into this?
cause, the way you talked endless
now its just minutes or less
did i do something wrong?
or you, somewhere else, belong?

you don’t speak much
and i got tired of asking you
though i used to
but you never answered
my ego is on the rise
do you really love me right?
is it just physical you seek?
i am not that girl,i am meek
so tell me,do you wish to go forward?
cause,already my time’s wasted
i don’t want to anymore
it would hurt me
more than you know
though i may act ignorant
but you won’t know
what lies in my heart
you never unearthed it
cause,you were too far
you weren’t interested
and i cried hard
why i even met you!
you only talked,when you were bored
where’s the respect,i deserve?
i am much more worth
you don’t realise
i was your first girl
but you aren’t treating her right
if you don’t change
she will go,to the place she is happier
she tried hard to make you come back
but you failed to realise her effort
you aren’t meant for love

Just for now

i get hurt
by that word,
when i know u won’t b there.

i am with u
fr the time,
 its the only moment i have.
i know what is in the future;
i know u just won’t b there.
u r afraid of them,i know.
yet u hv hopes fr me still,
but i know its not so…
coz its never gonna work!
maybe i love you too much,

to let you go now,
but i will shed tears when time comes.

 i will hide them,
you won’t know,
to bid you goodbye;
with a smile alone.
i will be happy wherever you are,
with whomever you want to,
coz i have the memories to live with.
cherishing them in my heart,
that i met & loved such a beautiful person!

white addiction!

flirting with danger,
playing with a gun,
smoking the weed,
making the run,
life’s a poker,
you win,you lose,
taking 1 pot,you know you’ll rule.
why is it so hard to leave?
why is it so enticing?

the smell,so invigorating,
gives me high,
i can’t stop,its the best gift.
i take it,inject it,in my vein,
the room’s swirling within 10 seconds,
just another time,i was about to take,
someone came,took it away.
i struggled,in agony,in pain,
my body’s craving,please i need it.

Next thing i know,
lying on linen sheets,
there’s the drip near my bed.
i opened my eyes to beautiful people around me,
expressions laced with wariness,sadness.
“oh mom! i am so sorry.”
“don’t be honey!”
i felt her arms around me,i cried.

my first mistake made it last one,this addiction!
if only my curiosity didn’t extend to heroin,
i would have been so much happier,
so much at peace!

Tender love

This is the story of a shy girl called Shea who  tripped into ” love sick thing” recently & can’t get enough of it.Outgoing Adi,her boyfriend,whom she proudly introduces as her fiance,is the guy whom every girl desires.What brought them together?

Shea was sitting in the cafeteria with her 2 besties & was a common sight in the cafeteria.She is found always in the corner table,away from the limelight,with her usual Friends,sitting in the same pose reading a novel.She was reading “the picture of Dorian Gray”,a classic novel of all times.her specs are sliding off her nose but she didn’t bother to adjust them.She was so engrossed that her Friends had to shake her to remind her that its time for the class.she looked up at them,totally lost & burst out in a lyrical tone.
All art is at once surface and symbol.
Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril.
Those who read the symbol do so at their peril

 Her Friends looked at each other & then at her.Tanya said sarcastically”okay princess!get your fat ass up,we have a class now.” Shea got up reluctantly & commented “i have a better ass than yours.”
“you!i am gonna kill you.” & she started chasing Shea.while saving her back,Shea bumped into a guy.she was about to fall down but he held her at the nick of time.
“easy girl!you will hurt yourself & others.” he spoke.
Shea straightened herself & blushed.”i am sorry.”
“omg!someone got lucky today.”Tanya teased her.
“oh shut up!its because of you i bumped into that fellow.”
“then i deserve a treat”
“why?i don’t know him at all & i don’t like him.”
“that’s because you don’t have time for anyone apart from your novels”
“that’s not true!i talk to you as well.”
“that’s not what i meant”
“leave it,you are stupid.”
“no,i am not”
“yes! you are & now shut it,because our teacher is teaching us something important.”
Shea lost the battle,but She started wondering something else.Is she really dull?Is she missing out fun?at that very moment she made up her mind that she will seek fun.
Next day was the same for her,but she was vigilant.she kept an eye for any cute guy she could find.finding a guy is easy.its a great start for her ” fun list”Her friends were amazed but they were happy to help her.
“Hey!are you reading Dorian Gray?”
Shea looked up & saw that it was the same guy who held her yesterday.She was speechless.for the first time she looked at him closely.He was definitely a Greek god.He was tall,extremely fair,black hair spiked up at the right places,very handsome with headphones in his ears,wearing extremely low waist jeans,that was about to fall down & a loose shirt.He was a breathtaking sight.
“hi!aren’t you the same girl who bumped into me?”
so he does remember her ,but from a silly situation of course.That’s a good sign.She gathered herself & replied “oh hi!yeah,so stupid of me.i am sorry again.yes,its that book.”
“i am aditya,but i prefer Adi.I have always wanted to read this particular book.You are not finished with it,are you?”
“no,but if you want i can give it to you later on.”
Her friends were simply staring them.”um,hi!I am Tanya.So you are into novels like our stupid friend?”
He was laughing but agreed to her.
“oh boy!i have met the first guy who reads novels.” shuchi commented.
“not just read!i love them.” Adi corrected her.
the friends knew that if they vanish from there,Shea & Adi would definitely keep up the conversation & would go into detail,so seizing that opportunity,they went away from there giving an excuse.At first Shea was uncomfortable,being left alone with a guy but she took the risk.Adi sat down with her.Both of them started talking about novels,their fav authors,poetry etc.they instantly clicked.
“gosh!gotta go,i have classes now.” Adi said.
“oh me too!i totally forgot.”
“you are in which branch?”
“i am in ECE 1”
“and what’s your name?” He smiled at her.
“Shea!& i prefer it as Shea only.” both of them started laughing at this.
Their friendship blossomed & her Friends knew that it was heading into something else.Tanya took an effort & made enquiries about the guy.He was good & luckily he never had a gf.
one day Tanya got a message from Adi.He never talked to her outside college & never on phone.So it was surprising.
yaar!i think i have fallen for Shea,but i feel she won’t accept me.What should i do?
Tanya was elated,but she herself didn’t know what Shea thinks.So she asked for some time from him.
She called her at home.
“Hey girl!wassup?” Tanya greeted.
“Nothing much,i was just trying to figure out a maths sum.”
“okay!but maths is your fav shouldn’t have any problem.”
“i know but i am stuck now.”
“of course you will.You can’t concentrate in maths when you are checking your phone every 5 minutes for a message from Adi”
“what?are you crazy?We are just friends”
“oh really?he only talks to you.”
“so you are jealous?”
Tanya grew impatient.”Shea!its not about jealousy.”
Her voice was serious.Shea slowly spoke ” What do you mean?”
“you know it.”
“we have been your friends since kindergarten days & we expect some honesty from you.i hate secrets.”
Shea was totally clueless.”What happened Tanya?”
“Do you like Adi?”
this question took her off guard. “i do.He is a very good friend.”
“hmn,Do you like reading novels with him?”
“do you like talking to him?”
“yep,but..” She was stopped short.It was like a questionnaire.
“Do you love him?”
“yes!” There was silence on the other side.Shea realised late what she had said in haste.
“hurray! I knew it.I knew it.My best friend has fallen in love.”
“Wait!Hell no,i got confused,  said it in hurry,nothing like that”
“stop it Shea! accept can’t hide it from your friends.Everyone knows it.”
Shea didn’t know what to say.She did like him,but is it so easy to find someone who shares the same passion-novel.she always wanted him to be around.She looked for his messages & calls.Its a very different feeling.Is it really love?
“Tanya!do you think i am doing the right thing?”
“yes babes!he is the perfect one for you.” with this she bid farewell & cut the call.
She messaged Adi.
I need a treat from you coz i am bringing a good news for you.
Adi replied.
Tanya!I haven’t even slept with you,so how come good news? Secondly i love someone else.
He was really getting on her nerves now.
dude!are you guys always dumb?Shea loves you as well.
next day,in front of everyone,Adi presented Shea with a wonderful bouquet of orchids,her favourite & proposed her.It was a magical moment for her,a scene from the movies.He was kneeling on his knees & kissed her right hand ,specially the ring finger.
“i am going to put a ring on that finger.”
Shea was blushing so much that some of the girls nearby were giggling.Tanya looked at them & they stopped.Shea accepted his proposal obviously ,before he could even finish speaking & they were a total hit in the campus.Adi pampered her with gifts,but she had to hide them from her parents.
“Adi!please don’t buy me gifts.i hate pampering.”
“you are my princess,i love giving them.”
“then i am the wrong girl for you.i am not like others.”
“okay fine!i won’t give.happy?”
she smiled.They were the perfect couple.even if they fought on something,they made sure it was resolved that day itself.A play was being organised,like every year,& this time,both of them tried in the auditions.They were selected.Studies along with play practise were eating their time.They hardly got time to spend with with each other.
After a gruelling month’s practise,the dress rehearsal of the play came.The dramatics dept. was sitting as audience.Most of the actors were on the stage.some were sitting near the chair.Shea & Adi ‘s turn was supposed to be at the end.So they comfortably sat behind the stage in the greenroom.It was empty except for them.They were chatting happily.Adi showed a mimicry of a teacher & she burst out laughing.He liked when she laughed.It was electrifying.Adi was so mesmerized by her,that he took her hand & made her stand.A slow dance number was being played from the play & he started dancing with her in the green room.
They at first were laughing,but grew silent.They were communicating through eyes & it was a sight to behold.It was a cinderella scene.Adi came closer & held her tightly. a heat was rising between them.His hands were caressing her back,she kept her head on his shoulders.He kissed her head.She looked up at him.they stopped dancing.He cupped her face & said” you know what i am madly in love with you.”
She was blushing.she hugged him again.He unknotted her hair,which fell softly on her neck.She parted away & was about to tie it back but he held her hands & pulled her closer.she could feel his breath on her face.he was very close.she looked into his eyes & knew that passion was playing in them.his lips parted & touched hers carefully.She responded.he tasted every bit of her lips.they were so delicious.their lips were moving gracefully.his hands were caressing her back that it sent a weird feeling down her spine.The kiss was so intense that their boundaries were being broken.He slid his hand through her dress in the front & was hungrily groping her.Shea pulled herself away from him & gasped.
“NO!” She yelled.
There was an awkwardness between them.He loked at her & realised what he had been doing.He was so ashamed that he turned his back & held his hands on his face.Shea adjusted her dress & walked to him slowly.
“hey!i didn’t mean to startle you.please don’t turn back on me.”
“i shouldn’t be doing must be thinking what a rogue i am.”
“no!i love you very much & trust you .It was definitely,er,bit hot, back 5 minutes ago.but i loved every instant of it.i felt so was like i don’t ever wanna lose you.”
“i regret it very much.the kiss was okay but not that!it was aweful.”
she looked in his eyes & the tears hung in them.she cupped his face & kissed him on the cheeks & a brief kiss on the lips.
“don’t do this”
“stop it Adi!this was my first kiss,don’t ruin it for me.”
“fine! but i promise you i won’t do that ever.”
“which one-kiss or touching?” a smile was dancing on her lips.
if you want both!”
“lets leave touching.kiss is more than anything” & with this she started kissing him again.They gave wonderful performances in the play.The play was a success & so were Shea & adi.7 years down the lane,they got married & have raised a beautiful family of 4.
The love is always beautiful.its out of the world feeling.When someone takes the plunge in it,only they know how to define “love”.Love in college is very unstable,immature one,but unlike Adi & shea,they knew how to make it work.they braved the ups & downs was a tender love,which needed nourishment & security.tender because it always had the risk of falling down,but Shea & adi watered & cared it so carefully,that it blossomed into a strong love which stayed with them forvever.