Forbidden Fruit

Feeling so intense, never felt this way,

Our eyes meet, heartbeat racing,

You hold me as close ,as tight;

I breathe in your fragrance,

I look up at you, is this all true?

Embracing the warmth, coursing through my body,

You change unreal to real;

How can I possibly bear all?

This amorous relation, so pure,

My heart aches just to see it untitled,

Togetherness is not written on the cards;

We try harder but it won’t last,

I see you slipping away into your world,

Knowing it won’t work;

My love is so strong,

It takes me to where I belong;

Why does it have to be you?

When I know, its forbidden fruit I am biting into


Not Meant For Love

when i first saw you
i knew it was only you
instant connection
with no deliberation
we talked for a while
and i made you mine
but forgot to ask you
whether you love me too
though later you say
you love me so true
but i don’t know
my heart fails to get it
even though i want to
there’s little bit regret
did i rush into this?
cause, the way you talked endless
now its just minutes or less
did i do something wrong?
or you, somewhere else, belong?

you don’t speak much
and i got tired of asking you
though i used to
but you never answered
my ego is on the rise
do you really love me right?
is it just physical you seek?
i am not that girl,i am meek
so tell me,do you wish to go forward?
cause,already my time’s wasted
i don’t want to anymore
it would hurt me
more than you know
though i may act ignorant
but you won’t know
what lies in my heart
you never unearthed it
cause,you were too far
you weren’t interested
and i cried hard
why i even met you!
you only talked,when you were bored
where’s the respect,i deserve?
i am much more worth
you don’t realise
i was your first girl
but you aren’t treating her right
if you don’t change
she will go,to the place she is happier
she tried hard to make you come back
but you failed to realise her effort
you aren’t meant for love

Hazel eyes

its like I’m having immortality drink
whenever i set my eyes on him
we’ll live forever with love
that’s what I’ve decided for our future

the first time i met him on a suburban train
and from that day,i knew he was my man
he took my hands in his & we united
so towards our world,we proceeded

our bondage grew stronger day by day
through numerous trials & tribulations,we could carve our way
if i ever lose hope in my life
i’ll look into his comforting hazel eyes

his vision helps me to walk through
even when I’m all aloof
he is mature,i was apprised
so good as well,took me by surprisehe is braver than a knight
always lulls me to sleep at night
he is my appertain
becoming obsessed with him,insane

because of him,I’m the star in the arena
how can i ever leave him,I’ll always be his czarina
I’m lucky to bind with him through these ties
he’s equally ecstatic which i can make out from his hazel eyes

whenever he goes out on a tour
i get scared & alone
i count eternal minutes,hours & days
just wish he comes back in haste

he’s my personal variety of drug
I’m hooked to him badly
can’t live without him
he’s my addiction lately

but i try to buckle up
putting these obsessive thoughts to a halt
while away my lone days through pastimes
longing to see again his hazel eyes

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