white addiction!

flirting with danger,
playing with a gun,
smoking the weed,
making the run,
life’s a poker,
you win,you lose,
taking 1 pot,you know you’ll rule.
why is it so hard to leave?
why is it so enticing?

the smell,so invigorating,
gives me high,
i can’t stop,its the best gift.
i take it,inject it,in my vein,
the room’s swirling within 10 seconds,
just another time,i was about to take,
someone came,took it away.
i struggled,in agony,in pain,
my body’s craving,please i need it.

Next thing i know,
lying on linen sheets,
there’s the drip near my bed.
i opened my eyes to beautiful people around me,
expressions laced with wariness,sadness.
“oh mom! i am so sorry.”
“don’t be honey!”
i felt her arms around me,i cried.

my first mistake made it last one,this addiction!
if only my curiosity didn’t extend to heroin,
i would have been so much happier,
so much at peace!