5 food things Germany changed for an Indian

Hallo liebe Leute!

Ich heiße Soumi und ich komme aus Indien, um Masterstudium zu studieren. Ich lerne Deutsche Sprache, deswegen benutze ich sie immer. Der Grund dafür ist, dass je mehr ich es spreche, desto flüssiger werde ich. 

Entschuldigung! 😀 Auf Englisch nun.

I have been living in Germany since a year and another year lay ahead of me to finish my Masters. When I was living in India, every now and then, I used to try my hand at different cuisines because I was earning at that time and also, let’s be real! Indian currency lets you have lot of things for example for 1 Euro or 1 Dollar 😀 breakfast at your home. You can buy 12 eggs, 1/2 Litre double toned milk and maybe 2 or 3 apples or whatever fruit is in season. I miss all of the experiences I could have had there(I am a self-proclaimed foodie :-P)

As an Indian, most of the people are comfortable eating spicy and ‘hot’ food. So you can imagine, any other place other than Mexico or China, did not have the same attraction for a foodie like me. 

But I was wrong! 

So let’s get started, shall we? 5 unusual things are:

  1. It’s okay to drink Kaffee with Kuchen- Indians pride themselves on Tea.But for me nowadays I prefer coffee. In addition, you never see anyone in India having cakes or cookies with tea or coffee alone. There is always something salty or hot on the table . But Germany has a tradition of having only sweet savouries with coffee. You can find vending machines of coffee everywhere.But if you are craving Tea, you will be disappointed. Either pay more than a Euro in Cafes or buy sachets in supermarkets and make it .
  2. Sweet tooth,anyone? – I disliked sweets, seriously. India does have its plethora of sweets,no doubt about it. But Germany changed my own perception and liking. Infact, I have developed sweet addiction. :-\ Going to the gym keeps me on track, but when you see galore of cakes and pastries everywhere,it’s hard not to bite into it. My favourite is cheese cake, unlike anything I have tried before. It has the optimum level of sweetness and freshly baked cheese. But German varieties are more than this, the most well known is Blackforest cake followed by Berliner and Zweibelkuchen. The last one is weirdly sweet enough because its made up of onions and bacon. The list is a long one! Have a look here.
  3. Say ‘Cheese’- I was never a fan of cheese in India, because it has more fat content and the foodie in me, always warned me to stay away from it. Also, we don’t have much variety of cheeses there. Germany, on the other hand, welcomed me to the world of cheeses everywhere. I know that, lot of the cheeses are speciality of Italy,France and Netherlands, but when you go to the supermarkets, there is 1 wall entirely dedicated to cheese. I learned a lot about them here and actually like them having in my meals 2-3 times per month compared to 2-3 times per year earlier.
  4. Let’s get grilling!- I don’t think this is only in Germany, but am fully sure, that it is not part of India. Come summers and you will see lot of Germans out on their porch or in parks, with many sizes of Grills, ready to create some smoke with meat and veggies. They actually have portable Grills here. In India, grilling is confined to the small machine in your kitchen, called the combi microwave. It’s not a norm for people there to cook outside and also, it’s banned to even have picnic in some of the parks.
  5. Forget your Rotis & Naans- Indians have breads, maximum 10 varieties, if I am not wrong. But Germany emerges as the winner. They have more bakeries than ever and each bakery has so many varieties, that even till now, I have not been able to taste all the breads Germany has to offer. Infact, you can see most of the Germans having bread on its own for main course. Earlier, I found it hilarious, but now, I am part of that crowd and I actually enjoy it.(Don’t worry! I know what you are thinking. 😛 Constipation will not happen if you have the breads with seeds on them or try breads without white flour). Also, it saves time compared to rolling Rotis. 😀

You must be thinking,I forgot to mention Beer. Well, we all know about it already. My main aim was to introduce the strange things in Germany foodsphere. 😉

Hope you liked it! If I missed out on anything else, leave it in the comment section below. 🙂

Viele Grüße!



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