Snackible snacks box review

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I love trying out new things,be it restaurant,dish,subscription boxes or makeup. πŸ˜› And I love reviewing them also.If you are like me who wants to keep trying out new experiences,then this post might be helpful to you,specially if you are a foodie.

I have tried subscription boxes related to health and beauty,but wished for a food/snacks service too.So when I heard of Snackible,I quickly jumped onto the wagon,filled my order form and clicked on ‘Submit’. Voila! My first snack subscription box.

Snackible is a subscription service that delivers healthy & delicious snacks to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis anywhere in India.Snackible is a solution for the snackaholics who face the constant struggle between health and taste. It is a subscription service delivering a snackbox on a weekly or monthly basis to your home or workplace. Your snackbox will be full of highly curated and unique snacks which are loaded with nutrition and taste giving you the best of both worlds.

Packages –

Weekly Box (Delivered Every Week)
1. Trial Box
2. 1 Month Subscription (4 boxes)
3. 3 Month Subscription (8 Boxes)
4. 6 month Subscription (12 Boxes)

Monthly Box (Delivered Every Month)
1. Single Box
2. 3 Month Subscription
3. 6 Month Subscription

Their site isΒ However,currently it is in developing stage.You can also find them on facebook and instagram to look at the photos of the delicious snacks.

My views: I had ordered the trial box and it is the cheapest of the lot.It retails for INR 295 only inclusive of shipping cost.The trial box will contain 5 individual sized packets which will last you a week.Hence the name trial/weekly box on their order form.

I loved the fact that you can choose your own snacks or you can tell them to choose for you.Also,they allow repetitons of snacks in your box.They accept COD and online payment both.I went for the COD.

What I had ordered-

  1. Roasted Soyabean Mix
  2. Oat Honey and Raisin Cookies
  3. Fruit Medley
  4. Baked Bhakarwadi
  5. Roasted Seed Mix

I gave the order on a saturday and it reached me on Monday,so they take care of the delivery time. πŸ™‚
Packaging-The snacks came in a rectangular cardboard box with their logo on the top.When you open it,you are greeted with a pamphlet,listing out their snacks and a welcome note.I loved it. πŸ™‚ Each of the packets displayed cost,weight,expiry date,calorie content and ingredients.The packets are like thick plastic zip-lock packet which is travel friendly.Sadly,my cookies got delivered in a broken state. 😦
Roasted seed mix-It tastes seed like πŸ˜›Β ,no spices so may not satisfy your taste buds but I find this might help people who are diabetic or suffering from BP,as this doesn’t contain sugar or salt.
Roasted soyabean mix- This is yummy.It has spicy flavour so I finished this within 2 days.
Fruit medley-If you are a candy lover,you need to buy this.It tastes amazing,really like fruits .
Baked bhakarwadis-It is also spicy but bit hard,so if you having teeth problems,stay away.
Oat honey raisin cookies-They should have mentioned it contains almonds also.I am allergic to it so when I found out,I was controlling my urge to bite it.This came to me broken. 😦 But when I tasted it,it did taste good,specially for people who don’t like extreme teeth biting sugar in their meals.
IMG_20150613_000754_HDR IMG_20150613_000707_HDR
IMG_20150613_000928_HDR IMG_20150613_001013_HDR IMG_20150613_001027_HDR
Overall,I loved the snacks and their concept.Every snack was fresh,so yay! from my side.If you want to order any box,head over to their order form.
I hope you liked the review.If you have any questions,don’t hesitate to ask me.
Hope to see you in my next post.Bye. πŸ™‚

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  1. Thanks for the great review. It’s motivating to read such reviews for a young company like ours which is trying to solve an evident problem in this country. Must say, you are a good writer!

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