Naturals Icecream parlour review

Heya everyone !

Recently, I went to CP or Rajiv Chowk as you like to call it ,for some shopping.Usually whenever I am in CP ,I have to try something new,be it a new lounge,cafe,dish etc.CP is the hub of central Delhi in India.

I am not a sweet tooth person but there are times,when I crave it more than a sugar lover. :- P And that day,it so happened that I was having one of those desires.

Delhi,during summers is an oven.Nothing beats a drippy ice cream in your hand,that you keep on licking even after it has finished.Honestly,I am a cup person. :- D Some prefer their delights in a cone,I prefer the non-messy cup.

Naturals ice cream parlour opened last year and it gained an immense appreciation for its initiative.Usually the ice creams we see today are mixed flavours,where they combine every possible flavour together. For a person like me,I love simple flavours.I want to taste and cherish the single flavour that lingers on my tongue.Naturals appears to fulfil that wish.They do have mixed flavours.

Price- INR 60 for a single scoop and double for 2 scoops.It doesn’t matter whether you take cone or cup.However,they do take charge for waffle cone. Also they have home delivery system which is something new here.I found the price nice on the basis of quantity and quality of ice cream.

Flavours- They have year long as well as seasonal flavours like at the moment,in the summers,they are serving only 2 flavours under seasonal-Mango and Kala jamun.My friend tasted that and said,” Oh Gosh! This tastes exactly like the sour fruit.” 😛 Tender coconut flavour is the sheen of the place.If you go there,try it. It’s neither too sweet nor too much salty.The best part of their ice creams is they serve bits of fruit in it.I had coconut bits which were very fresh and soft,which proved the fact that they actually make use of fresh fruits.My friend took roasted almond choco ice cream and she loved the almonds in it.

Ambience- They have majorly white indoors with quirky quotes and pictures on the walls.Since I visited only the ground floor,so don’t know,how the first floor looks like. My mistake! 😦 In the centre,they have a sitting place and at 1 corner,they have a couch for the privacy concerned people. 😛 The parlour is really spacious and one can easily spend hours in there.

Overall rating- 5/5… Do I have to say more? 😉

IMG_20150503_151340 IMG_20150503_150924 IMG_20150503_173842 IMG_20150503_150919  IMG_20150503_173829 IMG_20150503_150914


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