B.tech or B.tech+MBA?

Hi everyone!

I have been keeping busy lately,mostly due to hectic office and my exam preparation.Though I am done with my primary exam,I still have more to go.

I joined in a firm last year as a fresher,in oil & gas.When I started the job,I loved my role.I was posted in Projects division and am still posted.We have this notion that Project people can boss around,know about every other engineering department and usually have MBA degree.

I,on the other hand,have no such interest.I realised that I was posted in the wrong department.All I was made to do,were managerial tasks,which according to some is great,but I think,I want to gain some engineering knowledge before handling this bossy task. 😦 I had graduated in Mechanical engineering and I believe,adding a MBA degree will be a disrespect to the Mother of all engineering courses.(That’s a phrase we use for our ME degree πŸ˜› ) Most of the people think that if we can do the engineering and management together,we can rule the world.Yeah!You will be either in HR department or in Projects.That’s what I have learnt so far.If you beg to differ,kindly explain.I think CEO position is restricted and is available only to a person who is inheriting the company’s assets or have enough money to start-up a company.Also,the curriculum is poles apart.So B.tech+ MBA can never make you a ruler.

You must be thinking I am against this.Well! No.Most of my friends are in this elite club.I had asked the question,”Why do you want to do a MBA?”I came up with interesting answers.

“Gets you good jobs with high payroll. ” That’s true,only if you have done a MBA from prestigious B-schools.

“I need another degree to add to my B.tech.Looks good,eh?” Looks good?I don’t know.

“Management is the key nowadays.” *face-palm*

My father is a B.tech in ME,had worked in the topmost oil & gas PSU and ‘manages’ the work pretty well.Infact,his payroll(including the perks),was almost equivalent,maybe more than what is being offered to people with MBA+B.tech.He has retired from the job long ago.I have a similar story with my brother.So I have got ample proof to show that you don’t need another degree to earn money and manage stuff.

I too was coerced into doing this,by my own mother,but I disagreed and gave her my reasons.I think one must acquire or strengthen their base knowledge( B.tech) for first 5-6 years of their career,then think about joining in Projects or whatever people call these days to the departments dealing with management stuff.How can you manage entire project,when you yourself know so little about your domain?Also,MBA,a costly affair ,isn’t necessary for this stuff. It is just my viewpoint.

I agree,some people prefer management roles and it’s completely fine as long as you can come up with solid reasons for wasting 4 years into engineering and your parents’ money. Maybe the market is to be blamed for creating jobs that require such qualifications.Maybe our generation is to be blamed for being so money oriented or confused.

Sorry! If I sounded weird,but it’s because I have been trying hard enough to change my department since I don’t want it at this moment. 😦


2 thoughts on “B.tech or B.tech+MBA?

  1. Oh my god…I agree with everything you have said ! Finally somebody said it…B.Tech+MBA makes no bloody sense ! I also think that MBA just looks good on paper, if you really have the business acumen, you can start a business without that degree & learn on the go.
    A lot of B.Tech+MBA are HRs like you said…and that’s low paying job.

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