New year…Indeed

Hello everyone! 😀

Firstly,a very happy new year to all of you.It’s been a while I wrote something,and I did forget to write,but my mind,mysteriously ticked me today and said, “Soumi! start again.You have a life here too.”

So here I am,trying to think what to write about.But before that,I am extremely sorry that I stayed away from my blog because I was busy studying and doing my job. Blogging needs effort and time and I completely forgot this.

Shame on you Soumi!How could you do this?

Everyone,in fact you also,I am sure,would have listed out New year resolutions.(Those who didn’t,No problem!You are not alone.My friends would be happy enough to join you  😛 ) I am not the type of person who usually believes in such stuffs,but this year, have decided to make a resolution for my dear blog. Instead of the usual resolutions which I have heard so many times-I won’t drink,smoke,blah & blah,I want to hear ,”I would focus on my family,friends,hobbies etc.”

New year isn’t always about leaving things,it’s also about changing yourself or imbibing things.So,I vow to write often and be faithful to my blog,which has sustained my ever-changing emotions and an array of thoughts. Thank you blog!  🙂 I realised blogging not only gives vent to your brainwaves but you get to learn a lot too from other blogs. 

So I bid adieu to my old year and welcome 2015.Till the next post,Bye ,sayonara . :-*


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