That look he gives!!!! :-O

I was just having lunch with my friend,updating myself with latest developments from her life,when i stumbled upon an event which made me think for a  long time.She told me about her friend’s conversation with her.He ridiculed the fact that she wanted to try for civil services after she finishes with her law study.That caused some reaction from her side as well from me.

Are guys only capable for civil services ?

To be honest,I did my own little research and found out that this is not at all true.For consecutive three years,women held this prestigious position and topped this exam.It is only in this year that a man from Rajasthan bagged this title.Even after this,a man dares to comment at a woman’s dream of giving the exam.One thing I fail to understand,why can’t a man digest this fact even today, that women are equally able to go for this tough exam.

This is specially in India,even in metropolitan cities,men still are living in the old age.They may fight for women rights on the roads but when it comes for implementation,that’s the kind of response they have for a woman opting for civil services.

Well! my friend will be giving the exam and I wish her luck. 🙂images


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