Changing Homo Sapien-Me

Hey all

I know I haven’t been a regular in blogging.Well,thanks to my college,it snatched away all my creativity for a month because I had to give a presentation on a project,that refused to work till the end and left us with no alternatives.For those of you,who want to know how did it go,my answer is,surprisingly well. πŸ™‚

Just one more month to go,and I will be officially using the Β ‘Er’ tag for an engineer,which is quite the rave these days.My day usually involves searching for jobs,studying for job exams and talking to my friends.The four years of my college went in studying,hangouts with friends & nothing more.I didn’t care much how I looked but when we saw other girls,we were awestruck at their perfection.The girls looked flawless,with the right touch of makeup with apt clothing.

Being in mechanical engineering domain,if a girl wears makeup or looks girly,they are not taken seriously.Even the faculty looks down at you in a way that makes you realize you are worthless in a field dominated by men.What’s the worst part,the males either think,”She looks too pretty to work on that machine.I have to help her.” or “She’s a girl,she will get marks easily.” :-\ Also,my own psych prevented me from experiencing the world of makeup and dresses.I clungΒ onto comfy clothing(Jeans,tees ) with the usual pigtail & sneakers.

Now that I have ample time at home,and also looking forward to a job ambiance,my mother and I think it’s time to don on that ‘look’.I have started looking at video tutorials,reviews of various makeup brands and compiled my own list of must-haves.I went out shopping for affordable cosmetics and returned home victorious.I started testing with them so that I am ready for office look and also for any party.You won’t believe,I looked at those beauties like a child looking at his huge crayon box. πŸ˜€

I am shocked that I am becoming into entirely different person.I take care of myself,read about skin care and health and love getting ready for any event. πŸ˜› I don’t know whether this change is good or not,but I like light makeup.Since my skin doesn’t permit such foreign bodies touching me,I cannot experiment so much.Otherwise I am excited to wear that ramp look always . πŸ˜‰

So all those engineers,doctors and girls from hectic professions,don’t shy away from the world of beauty.You will feel good.




3 thoughts on “Changing Homo Sapien-Me

  1. Loved reading this article and it is very true, I did not care much about makeup etc during college and when I started liking them I was doing PhD and it became a joke if you get dressed or even put some basic makeup for labs. So, I just forgot about it and when I came abroad for my postdoc research its so different here and I am loving experimenting makeup skincare and even started the blog πŸ™‚

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