Make others ‘Happy’ New year

Every 31st Dec & 1st Jan,my Facebook and other social networking accounts get bombarded with ‘Happy New Year’ wishes.As if that’s not enough,my phone keeps buzzing every 5 minutes.I know new year makes people excited & happy,but to be truthful, whatever we hope to make our year peaceful and positive,we do end up with something bad and saddening news always.

Instead of making new year resolution for yourself,let’s pledge to make new year resolution for others,because we all know,its easy to boss someone around than sticking to a regime yourself.How about,passing a smile to random people on the street?I know it sounds crazy,but think,it will force the other person to smile too.They would think its weird,but in the end,they will smile back.

We can say ‘thank you’ to a stranger or a friend from whom we asked for a help.Saying that,is the biggest act of gratitude.It fills you with warmth,and happiness.And the person who receives that,he feels acknowledged & you make his/her day.I have got some friends who rush away to their work without saying thank you,and I say that on behalf of them.Well! They do hear from me later on. πŸ˜›

I am sure,you can find other simple resolutions.Just remember,make others happy,and you will get happy in return.




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