ImMiNeNt ChAnGeS

imageslife has a tendency to play you as if you are just a toy.Life forgets that we are weak hearted and end up getting hurt easily.We rise up from the ashes and start afresh.But the scars remain enough to change us permanently.

Every major situation teaches us something.We learn not to make the same mistake again.But sometimes,we keep on doing the same things,because we hope that maybe this time will be different.Hope makes you do things.It is responsible for your sorrows and happiness.You don’t know what will happen to you because things are unpredictable when you do them out of hope.

Positive situations & outcomes bring out the best in you,but what about the negative?When within a short duration,all negative stuff starts happening to you,you realize life is partial to you.It has reserved all the negativity for you on purpose.We are taught lessons through these and sometimes these things change us for the better.

You change entirely.You become a different person altogether.People close to you feel different about you and may say this,” You have changed.” Your friends will adapt accordingly and understand why you have changed,but others start questioning you.People who hurt you notice that it doesn’t matter anymore what they do,because you have stopped caring for them.This time they feel awkward and get hurt.You don’t intentionally do things but your changed persona has made you into a person,that your actions and words become rough.What is more surprising is that,there’s no feeling of remorse.We feel that we are behaving normal.

The end result is we are more cautious towards everything and prevent anything bad happening to us.Our changed personality helps in alleviating all the bad influences from our life so that we become a better person and start receiving life’s best possessions. 🙂

So change is necessary for life & be thankful to all the people who changed you,because every cloud has a silver lining.


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