Every dream i had woven,every memory i had kept close to my heart, vanished so abruptly that i started thinking,’Really?Now i have had enough of this thing.Love never works for me and it will never be’.

Things happened for a reason and i had a control over it.Only if i had the brains to stop this,i wouldn’t have got hurt in the first place.But then i am an emotional freak,who inspite of hating all the romantic movies and novels,decided to make her life a romantic paradise.Well!I am disappointed.

Every time i promise myself i will keep away from this emotional drama,but then if you forbid someone to do something,he/she will actually do the opposite.So I am no different.:-P I plunged into the waters of sensual sultry romance only to discover that we were better off as friends.I still wonder what happened to the promises,to the constant wooing,teasing,laughing,dating?As friends we did more of these than when we were together.To make matters worse,we grew distant because more people started coming in between us and nothing was done to prevent this.Priorities changed and I was shoved to the backseat of our relationship car.

Still I didn’t lose hope.I gave it one last try and when I failed,i decided to call it quit.I had lost all hope and didn’t want to be in the monotony anymore.I had every right to crave for happiness.I don’t know what happened to us suddenly that we grew apart & we couldn’t even think of getting back together.We both claim to love each other till date,but I don’t know how much of it was true or is true.I had heard many times love makes you conquer any sort of difficulty,I don’t see my situation any close to this phrase.

I discovered some things.Love a person who shares the same belief,same caste.Trust me,you will have 99% chance of getting married,otherwise will end up getting separated.

Fall for a person who does what he says and thinks.Don’t compromise all the time,you will end up getting hurt.If the behavior & priority changes once you get into relationship,then be cautious,you are entering dark waters.

This is all my view,and I just wish,your life is more colorful and interesting than mine.May you have the love of your life.I sounded a hypocrite above and I am sorry for that.But one thing’s for sure,i do believe love exists,and I am waiting for it to find me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Revelation

  1. If it’s not working, it’s not love. Love has a tendency to work everything out. So stop being disappointed and be happy that u r free to pursue the real thing. 🙂


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