Rain drops


We were meant to be together,

This was supposed to happen,

You, me and us, our life.

Every touch of yours is endearing;

Every kiss has a meaning;

A smile from you lights up my day;

Nothing can go wrong on our way.

I have everything I need,

You by my side, in this picture perfect scene.

Walking hand in hand, through ups and down;

“Sweetheart, hear our favorite sound?”

How the rain caressed the earth,

That woody smell invigorated us.

We took shelter beneath a tree;

Thinking about all the possibilities, you and me,

We just talked, standing there,

But one bolt of lightning silenced us,

I gazed up at you,  shy to see the love you have for me,

Coming closer, you held me tightly;

I  breathed in your essence.

You whispered sweet nothings, and I shied away,

You took my chin, pulled me even closer;

Our lips parted, and we dived into an eternal bliss,

That taste, that feel, I want to cherish every moment.

That rhythmic assault on my lips burned my body,

Tugging your hair, you caressing my back,

Sound of the thunder mattered no more;

Your wet skin grazing my neck, tingled me,

I knew what would happen next.

I looked at you, passion still there,

“Let’s go home!”, I said;

The rain drops showered their blessings.

We walked in silence, holding each other,

Each drop drew an enticing line on our body as it fell,

The desirous heat between us growing,

But nothing’s compared to God’s beauty ,

which deepens our love, nurtures our love,

Specially those  gifted rain drops I’ll cherish forever.



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