so many promises! 4

Aryan didn’t ask her to come to the farewell party. Maybe she knew it already and throughout the day her mood was off. She went to the party with her friend who was into the organizing committee. He realized what was going on, and told her,”Riya!today is his farewell. He won’t give time to you.”

Riya bashed him, “I don’t want his time. I just need an acknowledgement from his side, that its real, us.” With that, she stormed out of the auditorium. Her friend knew from the start, that they were not meant for each other.

Once she reached her class, her phone started ringing. It was from him.
Why the hell is he calling me now? What does he want?
She ignored his call. She attended the classes ,but her mind was somewhere else. It wasn’t working out. Since that day onwards, she reduced her communication with him, to see whether he missed her. He was behaving his usual self. Riya was replying only to what had been asked of her. She didn’t take the effort to talk anymore. But he seemed unfazed. This only deteriorated her condition.

Exams didn’t go smoothly for her and it was during her summer project, that she took the first step. They talked, or fought, it was the same thing. He wasn’t ready to tell anyone about their relationship and casually said he will think about it.Riya knew he was lying. He wanted to meet her at his home and she agreed. She knew he will meet her, only at his home and this was perfect opportunity for her to talk a great deal with him.

She was sitting beside him on the bed and he was lying.
“Aryan ! what’s the matter?”
“Nothing! You tell.”
“I told everything”
“Riya! I will tell my friends, don’t worry”
She looked away from him. He pulled her closer to him and repeated those three words seductively. But this time, it didn’t feel magical for her. Some thing was very wrong. She brushed her fears aside. She looked at him.
He kissed her and they made out, She lost her battle once again. She didn’t know what was awaiting her.

Next week they went out. It wasn’t a date at all, He took her just as a company, and went to do his work. Throughout their relationship, they never went on a date. They went out only when she insisted, and it was like she was hanging out with a friend. This was no different. When they were coming back, her phone started ringing continuously. Her parents were calling her. She couldn’t pick their calls because they would get to know she wasn’t in the college from the background noise. Her conscience told her something was terribly wrong.Riya felt that her parents have come to know about her relationship and everything. Maybe they found her diary.

And it all proved to be true.It was a nightmare at home. Questions started pouring in.She was beaten and scolded at. Everything was becoming unbearable for her. She couldn’t face them. They didn’t want to believe that she was still a virgin. She was humiliated. What was more troubling that she couldn’t face her dad. He was hurt the most. He felt like he lost his little innocent princess who is tainted now. Riya needed Aryan to support him emotionally, but he backed away too. And that was when she broke down completely. The man, who started everything, and for whom she suffered the wrath of her parents, left her alone at her most vulnerable state. She was devastated. She broke all communication from the outside world. She didn’t even talk to her family members. Her parents took her away for a vacation. She was brooding on him. As the vacations ended, she knew she had to face the world again. She started talking to her friends who only cursed that guy.She was merely listening to them but somehow she couldn’t hate him. She busied herself in lot of activities to stop brooding. Such was her condition.
It took her entirely 3 months to get back on her feet. That’s when he started texting her again, she replied .She pleaded him to take her back. They had an on-off relationship for another month or so.But she knew she couldn’t get hurt again so ,forced herself to stray away from him. After sometime, she blocked him and accepted that it’s time to bury the past. She grew up to be more strong now emotionally. And never after that, her mind thought about that guy.

Riya knew that she trusted the wrong person and felt that being ignorant was the greatest mistake she did. When she had the chance, she should have walked out. Wrong people teach the right lessons, And she learnt that she would have a hard time trusting someone or falling in love again. 😦


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