just met casually,u seemed like a sweet guy

exchanged numbers,started talking till night

u r too naive,thats what i thought

who knew,u r actually someone funny

u r like a friend,with whom i talk nything,nytime

i m myself infrnt u,no need to pretend

i m stupid,m crazy,thats what i am

messy,trippin on stones,bt u r thr,to hold me in case i fall


love wen u share just abt nythng,m all urs,m all ears

u make me realise wen m crossing d line

good influence on my damaged life

maybe u r nt perfect

bt u r unique enuf fr me

u r d crush,whose thought makes me blush

wenevr my frnds tease me abt u

talking to u everyday is like my escape from this harsh world

nythng,everythng abt u,i find endearing

i just wish maybe we cn b more

yes,i am bit scared and shy

fearing coz of what happened earlier

afraid,i’ll lose my love again,and myself into a darkvoid

i am shy,coz d way u look at me

i haven’t lied ever to u,coz fr me truth is d sweetest form of love u can offer

i may appear outgoing and bold

equally emotional and weak inside

il offer every part of my life to u

that’s my dream

may the Almighty grant me my wish

becoz u r too good to lose


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