The day the Earth will end

First of all I would like to thank Arihant, who somehow saw through my eccentric writings, something which is worth reading. Till now I just believed that what I write is simply for my soul & for some of my friends, who have nothing else to do, & are just as vella as me, to read my idiotic thoughts. For those who don’t know what this ‘vella’ slang means, it means a person, who is always free, has no work, roams about & is looking for something to do. I know I am rambling. But just thought that you should read this at your own risk.

The most common topic everyone is gossiping around, “The world’s going to end”. So I thought of sharing my stance on this. Let’s see how many of you agree with me.As had been predicted according to Mayan calendar, our beautiful Earth will get destroyed on 21st December 2012.Rest of the facts have been strengthened by numerous patents filed by various people, researchers; even the media is not behind in sharing its mind or the usual gossip mongers, who have only one work-gossip on nonsensical things. I am merely stating the facts here.Some of the more mighty ones, thought,” Let’s make a film.” So we have this huge list of movies, cashing on this theme.’2012’ is one such movie. The hero always survives & unites with his divorced wife & his family, and they live happily ever after. Then we have ‘An inconvenient truth’ which created ripple across the globe because of its controversial nature. How can I forget ‘Matrix series’? So many movies depicting whether our earth will be reduced to ashes due to meteor attacks, alien invasion, human race cloning, zombie-fication, even vampires. God only knows what a human brain is capable of imagining.

Sometimes we believe in such stories, other times, we just laugh it off. If you are the believing kind, then start packing your bags. If you are filthy rich, you have your private jet, or yacht or submarine for immediate rescue journey. People like me, would rather pack a bag full of clothes, food, water, novels & music player, and wait for a disaster to strike. But before such a thing happens, I would like to be with my closed ones, because it would be my last chance to see them. What will you do?

So many of us, have pending work. We leave it for tomorrow, thinking we have a lot of time. But what if that time is snatched from us within a second? Isn’t this a horrific thought? So why cry over spilt milk! If the world is indeed ending on 21st, then do all those things which were only in your dreams. If you wanted to visit a place or someone, go ahead. If you want to propose someone special, don’t stop, go forth, hold hands & just kiss him or her.(no guarantees in case you get slapped or scolded at).If you want to apologize to your dear friend, with whom you fought some time back, shed your ego, and hug your friend. I know each of us has a long to-do list. We have those wishes which we want to fulfil before we pass away into God’s hands.I know our list imbibes all the crazy ideas, but then human mind always is full of surprises. If that involves an exquisite Bali trip, climbing Mt Everest, doing a commercial with Johnny Depp or Cameron Diaz, lending a hand to a specially abled child or setting up an NGO;I guess all these are not that eccentric enough that we can’t do them. I am sure, at least one of your wishes will come true. We all have options to make things perfect, so if the world is ending, complete your unfinished business. Then die in peace.

But then there are those like me, who are sceptic.Many of you will be agreeing with me.I am sure of the fact that when you get this article, the world is still there, & you would be laughing about all this hype. On 21st, I will be following my usual routine of home to college & back. No packing, no running away, just at my home, listening to songs later on. Maybe I will watch another doomsday movie, since its Friday, a favorite day for releasing movies.NASA supports me.Nothing will happen to our remarkable planet. I am sure by the time you have finished reading this, you would be cursing the so called predictors of the end of the world. Maybe the Mayans got tired off scratching on the stones, so they left the calendar job midway. Their ingenuous act is the cause for today’s so called rational thinking. We are scurrying for cover, in case the rooftop falls suddenly. But, just to tell you, to play with this hype, I would like to state, do something special on 21st.You never know what happens next.



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