Party girl or nerdy?

well..considering myself pretty,its obvious for people to like my pic. 😛:p ok..m not trying to boast just i beleive tht  😉;)

But it also gave rise to some questions which my friends asked me.

“Girl! You have changed a lot.A party person?You weren’t like this at all.”

Hmmn,that made me think,what was i then earlier? :-\ In the school,i was reserved,didn’t talk to any one except with my close friends.When i was in high school,I opened up a little bit,but still one thing that remained constant throughout my school years was that i was kind off into studying( or in other words you can say nerdy! :-P)I wore specs & that gave an impression of a geek .com’on if i wear lenses,you won’t call me geek right? :-O Nowadays,i wear lenses & specs both.Thankfully,i haven’t heard people saying anymore of this crap.

So,i felt that i was tagged a nerd because:-

  1. I wore specs all the time
  2. I was an introvert
  3. i studied maybe (Gosh!i didn’t know studying is considered so uncool :-O)

First of all,i don’t like such tags.It’s like confining somebody in a particular domain. 😦 People change consistently &  this is a universal fact.Accept it!I am still the same from inside(take it anyway you want 😛 ) ,it’s just my interests have increased.

I love studying & partying,am an ambivert now & am content with the way my life is changing its direction.I love the new me. 🙂

True friends accept the way you are.They just change some of our interests  for our own benefit.but yes,i am pretty much sure,my parents wouldn’t want me to change.They would prefer a nerd . 😀 😀


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