So many promises! 2

She is easy.A little bit of anger,but then she is easily convinced when i am not able to fulfil her wishes.She forgives me.I am a lucky dude to have her.

That’s what he should think.But not so.Riya always has these thoughts,when she is introspecting. She doubts him everyday.but clouds her fears with love for him.She does everything possible for him.She makes plans to meet him.She is the one who came up with a valentine gift that he might find useful.She is the initiator to everything.Such a fool she was.She forgot some basic rules.A guy should plan a surprise on valentine’s day.He should act gentlemanly when they are dining together. Nids her close friend, daily reminded her not to forget these rules.But who could persuade this adamant lovesick girl?

Days passed.They fought more.Every night was a torment for her.Crying endlessly to sleep and waking up with puffy eyes was a schedule. Nids got worried.

“Are you crazy?Why do you love a person who doesn’t give a damn to your wishes?”

“Love is crazy,you know that too.”

“Stop being melodramatic.I am serious.Everyday you torture our eardrums with your not-so-happening love story.”

“Fine!I won’t tell you.”

“God!I meant you are ruining your life for that dumb-head. He doesn’t care what you like.He doesn’t talk to you even when he is free.He has this trademark excuse of ‘always working’.You stay up late at night to talk to him,even when you are sleepy or tired,but that dude doesn’t even sacrifice a little bit for you.You are killing your studies as well.He maybe just using you for time pass before passing out.Can’t you see that?”

Riya was watching her friend speak.These words were pinching her heart so much that she can cry any moment.She didn’t answer her.The class commenced.

It was 4:30 in the evening & Riya was already on her way to go home.Her phone started buzzing.It was him.

what should i do?he will make me wait . I want to go home.

She ignored his call.She was already distressed by Nid’s words & didn’t want to face him just now.He came from behind.

“Why are you ignoring my call?Where are you going?”

“Um,I want to go home.Not feeling well.”

“please!Don’t go”,he pleaded romantically,cocking his head to one side.

She lost.She stayed back.It was her birthday & she wanted it to be special.Her friends gave her small gifts,but she was waiting for him.He came up with a handmade card,gave it to her,& went away after a short time.Not the kind of birthday she had in mind,but she accepted it.she never asked anything from him but expected him to pamper her.He didn’t do that, she accepted that too.Such was the love she had for him.But he was so preoccupied with his so called work & friends ,that he ignored her love.

they roamed the college campus.She was just listening to him.He talked about all the things.she just commented,agreed & listened to them.

“are you hungry? Let’s have something.”he asked suddenly

They sat down and she was watching other couples around her in the cafeteria.He asked once again,she denied,so he went to bring something for his own.

He never forces me to eat,Doesn’t he care about my health?If only he makes some effort,i’ll readily eat.

she was engrossed in her thoughts.So many times she paid for his meals & he even asked for it .Such ungentlemanly behaviour!!!!She loved sharing the costs & paying for him,but how could he expect her to pay all the time.Nid’s once said that He is not a man if he can’t take care of his girl,If he can’t take her responsibility,If he can’t be a loving gentleman for you.

“i want to kiss you before you go”, he said suddenly.

That sounded romantic & brought her back to the reality from her world of thoughts.She giggled.

“oh yea?why so?”

“Because you are looking beautiful today”

They kissed and he wanted more,but Riya went away before she could get swept away by his sudden romantic behaviour.At night,She thought about Nid’s words,about all the happy times,if they ever had any,about the worst days.she got so dejected that she dozed off to sleep.

To be continued……. 🙂



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