So many promises! 1

“Let’s meet up tomorrow again,this time not at your home!” suggested Riya.
Aryan was talking to someone on his phone.He looked at her,nodded & spoke for another 5 minutes on the phone.
“Sorry yaar! i was on the phone,what did you say?”
Riya rolled her eyes & repeated ,this time ordering “We are meeting tomorrow,not at your home.”
“Yaar! i can’t guarantee whether i can come tomorrow,i have to meet a friend who has come from abroad.He won’t be staying here for long.I will let you know by evening,but i am just telling you from before.”
Riya pouted her lips & literally pleaded him.Aryan could only offer his apologies.
Sitting cross-legged on the bed that night,thinking the same thing that bothers her whenever she goes to his flat.Its always the same.he makes me come to his flat,has his fill,does whatever he wants,but the next moment,he doesn’t do what i want.I always go in the hope that he will do what makes me happy,but i am always disappointed.Thank god!We didn’t make love,otherwise i will be feeling guilty for my entire life.Why can’t he do things that please me?Why everything is related to his flat?

With this she dozed off.Riya fell for Aryan accidentally.He is 2 years senior to her & is on the verge of passing out.There’s every possibility that their relationship might not work.Her friends warned her of him.Maybe he is just having a time pass before passing out,after all he never had a girlfriend before.she was an easy target.Who knows?But Riya on the other hand,was ready to sacrifice many things for him,she was serious about him.

as usual,he cancelled his plan for the next day.Riya was enraged.this is the millionth time,he is cancelling for a meet up.

I am sure,if i had agreed for another trip to his flat,he would have agreed to meet me.

She didn’t pick up his calls.She didn’t reply to his messages,such was her anger.But she gave in around midnight.She loved him so much that his voice,his loving talks melted her heart instantly.
She just loves him too much,beyond measure.

continued later on


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