looks matter,brands matter

i know the first thing crops up on your mind,is that when people look out for hot chicks or smoking guys,they look for brands they are wearing or whether they have “die  hard”  looks.Trust me,i know you must have thought about it when you read the title.isn’t it?if it is,like this article!
I am sorry to disappoint you but i am talking on a very different topic.i was just browsing my friend’s birthday album on facebook,& i became so touched.Not because she didn’t invite me,she lived faraway so obviously there’s no question of going over there,but because the way her birthday was celebrated. It was not in a radisson or Pind balucchi or any other high end place.She celebrated it in a simple coffee shop(its not CCD or Barista  or Starbucks).Only her close friends were there,just 3 people & even more simpler cake.The fact i loved the most is the simplicity.The pomp & show is everywhere but the simplicity is hard to find.The cake was a simple vanilla cake with whipped cream on the top.Chocolate powder was used on the cream & cream flowers were made on the perimeter of the top surface.Her name was written on the top with a sweet birthday wish.That’s it.Anyone could tell it by 1 look that it wasn’t from Top breads or CCD or any branded cake shop.

But all of them enjoyed eating & playing with it.There was a cake,some small gifts & 4 close friends in a coffee shop celebrating a birthday.I loved it.I don’t know what you think about it.

But nowadays people take it as a excuse to eat in a 5 star restaurant on other’s money.I doubt whether the fun in that kind of scenario is really from the celebration of birthday or from the emptying of other’s pocket!What was more worse for me is that i didn’t even get a birthday gift.Most of the friends bring a cake for the birthday person,to cut or more to smear on his or her face. :-).But in my case,i got a large beautiful handmade card,forcefully signed by my classmates.(I later got to know that my classmates,signed it out of curiosity.my class is full of guys who mind their own business,not in mine of course.)The card was great,i do agree to it.But there was no cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 :;-(

i was informed that they were planning to invite all our classmates for the party,but they were in so much hurry that these girls couldn’t even talk to them.i didn’t want them either.thankfully!the guys weren’t there.also,they were planning to bring a very sassy cake,but couldn’t because of time issues & also there was no one who could go outside the campus & bring it in.I was about to say,that my college has some simple cakes,but shut it before opening.We sat in the CCD of my college,they gave me a card & asked what would you like to drink.I said i was quite happy with the card & i didn’t want anything else.They coaxed me,said that they would pay for it.Now i was even more hurt.I wasn’t a pauper,i just didn’t like spending so much.I said “okay,lets have a coffee,i will pay mine.”
this way i had my first CCD coffee,on my own birthday,paid by me.Another close friend gave me a birthday call too later on.He brought me a necklace,perfume,smiley ball,a book & a simple cake.he explained me that his friends had helped him with the gifts because i was angry at him for bringing so many stuff.All i wanted was  simple cake & they didn’t even ask me where i was giving the treat.i didn’t know his friends though but got touched by their generosity.one of them said “the cake doesn’t look good,but we all managed with it.”
i was just too happy & i said i don’t go for looks & that it is all about cake.we all smeared each other’s face with the cake & i personally made them eat the cake with my hands.I was just too happy for them.I gave all of them,including my friends, a treat in the college’s dominoes.the rest of the guys asked me whether the order they were giving,was within my budget.i said ” don’t worry,give your order yaar! you were considerate.so i want you to take the costliest pizza.” they settled themselves with a medium sized pizza in spite of my insistence.My friends teased me “this is not a treat,we can pay for our pizzas.We were planning something more.”
I had my patience so i said “but you couldn’t do it right,so just eat the pizza,you are lucky that at least m gvin a treat to you.” & i laughed.
by the end of the day,i was so hurt.I expected so much from my pals,but was surprised how it turned out.
i later came to know that my friends have a penchant for “good looking cakes” & from “good shop”.they won’t give a cake until unless they themselves like it,they don’t care whether the recipient is satisfied.My college is full of even more stylised,highly brand conscious people,but they themselves celebrate within the campus with a cake brought from there.I would rather not celebrate it,than celebrating it such a way.A cake is foremost thing.you can’t live without it.
My birthday is again coming up & their demand list is already there.I don’t know what to do.Sometimes m so confused.I myself didn get their treats,last year & they expect so much from me.I just feel so dejected.

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