stupid life!

I don’t know why i keep doing this.i keep on blogging,just to talk my heart out to someone,i don’t know!
i have a huge feeling that i am doing all this stupidly,when i know no one is reading it.But i keep on writing because i just want to blurt out about my life.we always feel better when someone listens to us talking.we just feel good that at least someone cares for us.So here i am,again at this,with a new thought provoking me again to write.
I do many things in my life,telling my parents.i know what you are thinking.i am stupid,isn’t it?i think i am.
but i just feel,they ought to know.i am not doing anything bad.according to them,”Bad” is defined as if i am drinking,smoking,puffing,sleeping,partying or just bunking my classes!!
LOL 😀 honestly,i have only bunked classes that too hardly.
so i think i am quite a good girl,isn’t it?But who will persuade my parents to believe so?
if i ever bunk my classes to go somewhere outside Noida,i don’t tell my parents beforehand.i know they would always say”no”.So recently i visited Auto expo 2012 with my friends,bunking some unimportant classes.i didn’t tell them at all,that day.i informed them just a day after.i told Dad first.Dad took it lightly & got interested in reading the brochures i brought from the auto expo.Mum said,”She didn’t tell me about this at all since evening”.i can’t break any news to her at first,because she never takes it in a good way.she starts nagging me at that very moment.Brother was proud that i am turning out a good sister :-)(jokes)
but till date,i didn’t tell them about our Jaipur trip.i went all the way to Jaipur with my friends for 3days.i know they would never allow even though one of my friends is a native & she has invited me loads of times.So i just took the plunge.There is something about risky situations.they are damn exciting.

i have done many things of this sort secretly.But they are very safe.i go out mostly with my girl pals,just twice i went with my guy friends,that too to a nearby movie hall!i won’t venture beyond Noida with any guy even though he is trustworthy.the way i have been raised makes it difficult even though i personally have no qualms about it.
i don’t know what happened today.i could have kept my mouth shut but i just threw up the words.”mum!my friends have invited me to the lohri celebrations of hostel”.my friends have told me earlier that its celebrated with much fun & naturally I got interested.the one,that takes place in our society is boring.No music,Nothing.
Immediately i heard a “No”.i told her i won’t be staying back at hostel & that even a senior,who goes in my cab,is planning to stay in the campus.
day boarders are not allowed in the campus after 6pm,but obviously rule breakers are present,including me 😉
She just snapped at me.i became silent.every doctor who analysed me,said,”She is a stubborn child”.but today i wasn’t stubborn,surprisingly.i lost the battle.
when dad came back home,mum told him immediately.She has a bad habit of telling everything to dad,thinking that maybe dad will think like her & act like her.But even dad didn’t listen to me.he had to go on tour next day,so he said “no”.i pleaded but to no avail.:-(….i even made arrangements for proper stay on the campus.but i have to cancel all.why did i  to tell them???why????
i don’t know what got into me.where did my stubbornness go???where is my arrogance???


2 thoughts on “stupid life!

  1. so true …… even I told them after I visit some place… actually I don't tell them .. they figure it out with my pics in laptop and then i have to tell them … " yeah I was there and there :


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