my luck with cooking

My 4th semester has already started & I am getting bored easily because we have no classes going on.Even if a teacher wants to start any topic,my “wonderful”(sarcastic) classmates(mostly boys)
make sure that doesn’t happen.They torture our teacher to the zenith that he or she feels anguished at having to teach our class..My classmates test their patience all the time.Sometimes we 3 girls laugh at this ,sometimes we just get bored,sometimes we get frustrated at the inability to study 😦
But this is daily routine for us.I remember,how our class misbehaved with one of our teachers of 3rd sem.I do agree, that teacher slurs while speaking but we can’t make fun of him all the time :-O.He is old & definitely it would hurt his ego if we keep doing this,but obviously who cares?
Our engineering section is notorious for all the wrong stuff like teasing the teachers,having verbal fights with them etc.You won’t believe that the “good” guys (indeed very good,too much good)made animal noises,even noises made during *** so that the teachers get red in rage & stop teaching us.Its a daily struggle for the 3 of us to stay within our tolerance level.Now you tell me,if this schedule happens daily then who would not get bored of his or her life?
That’s what I am undergoing now.
I came back from my college early & thought of doing something new.So here I am,trying my hand at culinary delights.I chose Baking.I was bored of the usual vanilla cake so I searched my mum’s cookbooks & the obvious Internet for something different & came across Coffee cake.Its quite simple & less time consuming.
So I prepared the batter & taking God’s name,put it in the microwave for 10 mins.I was not confident of the results,& something of that sort actually happened.After giving it a standing time of 10-15 mins,I took it out.
I was totally dejected :-(…it wasn’t fluffy at all.The cake was definitely moist & soft but still i couldn’t make myself like it very much.The colour was nice,the aroma was full of coffee dancing with vanilla essence but it definitely didn’t have the texture i was looking for.I quietly placed the cake on the table & cut a piece for myself & mum.It was okay…I have to improve a lot though.
What I learnt from this is:
  1. Never try cooking when you are sad or ruins the cooking.
  2. Never try egg less cakes,they usually don’t turnout well at home.
  3. Always try the basic cakes first before jumping onto some other varieties.
  4. Practise makes a man perfect.
  5. Be confident
Anyway you can look for yourself why I am criticising my own cooking.Its just I want to share my honest opinion.
You can see its not fluffy.

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