Falling down

i wasn’t apprised
of the impending storm
our love was sacrificed
& i was left torn

for ever, he stepped outside
leaving me alone & cold
for warmth,i sat by the fireside
but who’ll calm down my breaking core

my friends warned me against
this love sick thing
because it leaves u disgraced
but still i got da Cupid’s sting

i couldn’t help but walk hand in hand
oblivion to everything,where i was at
held my fear in my heart
& wished we never parted apart

but something else was kept in store
which shattered my world
unaware of his show
he ruined his girl

from dat day,there was no light
only darkness,evil forebodings in my mind
there was something wrong,i could make out from da start
which led to us being apart

one day,a postcard came
what a surprise! it was from my ex-flame
he was sorry for what he had done
& gave me the reason for his treason

tears rolling down my cheeks
couldn’t understand him,i was such a beast
ran down towards his home
i was late,he was gone

out from the world,from humanity
but how can i hide my sanity?
he died of a disease
which he kept from me discreet

i couldn’t recover from that incident
i was shocked beyond measure
why Almighty did this with me
before we came even closer

since then,
I’ve tripped often
as he is no more
I’m falling down,falling down & falling down


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