Mandatory Burden?????

Life has always been a tornado.You get shoved,run over by others,sometimes you run over them,get pushed,tossed……phew!!!Are we puppets?
Then why can’t we follow our own mind?
The answer is pretty simple,isn’t it?Because we are just teenagers & teens need to be controlled & dominated.Now,what kind of logic is that?
Usually if you ask an elder,their answer is,”these people are a nuisance!!!they should be taught harshly.”I do agree that nowadays ,teens are getting badly influenced by TV,Net,facebook etc that they are crossing all the lines imposed by their parents & that is where the parents rise up & show their full control & punishments,but what about the innocent teens like us(you can laugh)?
“Don’t stay outside for a long time.”,”let me see your cellphone & email.”,”don’t mix with those people.”,”dare you start talking about sex.” etc are the usual lines which every parent is seen talking to their kids.Well!to be honest,our parents should understand that world has gone a rapid change & sex education is being imparted in the school itself.Time limit is okay but this is the age to have meaningful fun,of-course i don’t expect parents to say yes to a night-out involving booze & smoke!but,an occasional nighout is a great way of celebrating & making fun.One thing is there ,parents have a right to know what their kids are doing,so beware!!! don’t keep anything personal in your phone or mail.It’s for your own safety.
Well we all have to live through this ordeal.When we will grow up,we will surely realise why our parents kept shouting at us,till then just go with the flow & carry on this burden of being a teenager. :-)

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