It starts at first sight,

the smile the looks.

And when you stand by my side,

everything comes standstill.

The moment of truth,

is it love? is it Lust?

Or just bloom of youth,

maybe infatuation.

My heart longs for you,

though it’s perilous.

Yet I am prone to,

well danger is enticing.

All these years I learnt,

nothing I remember.

Maybe one last time to get burnt,

and seek harmony again.


5 German fashion styles that make sense and look good

Hey everyone!

Hope your New Year is going well. It’s been long since I posted my last blog post. But I have been researching for what I must write today. This is my 2nd winter in Germany and I feel,I can say something about the fashion here. I will try to be gender-neutral wherever possible. So let’s dive in.

  1. Say Scarfs!- Winter arrives and so the scarfs. Every German I see here, never goes out without a scarf wrapped around their neck. Ofcourse the women wrap it differently than the men. It’s like their staple garment piece. It is ofcourse important that you keep your neck covered all times as it really gets cold here and sometimes windy. You don’t want to sound hoarse or start coughing ,right? So carry the damn scarf! At least I do.

    Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels
  2. Wollstrümpfe- This was surprising to me when I first encountered this item. Well! I saw a woman wearing this and strutting quite confidently on the cold wet street. :-O That made me think, “She is thick-skinned”. Literally!                                                     In India, you don’t get this usually. In fact! it never crossed our minds to even try wearing this, because we thought, who in their wildest dream would think of wearing stockings in winters. Germany sells stockings meant for winters as well. They want you to look stylish in every season. 😉 I donned it too and I will say, it stays true to its promise.
  3. Warm shoes- I know this does not need another mentioning. Basically winters in India means boots/shoes with warm socks. But winters in Germany means warm sneakers or hiking shoes plus warm socks. Basically the shoes/boots have a warm lining in them. Now you can imagine the gravity of winter here.
  4. Headbands- One thing that irritates me the most is my exposed ears in winters even though I have tried all types of beanie and wool hat. I guess my head is weird shaped. 😛 To be honest, I don’t know whether it is German style or in general, non-Indian style, but I did not see this headband in India.These headbands are made of wool or cashmere and cover your ears perfectly while showing off your tresses. I have seen these mostly here on women so assumed it to be in German cupboards.
Photo from Amazon

5. 50 shades of Grey- This is mostly European style as far I came to observe. Winters mean monochrome dressing style while summers mean florals and bright hues. For me German winters without Sun means gloominess and lack of energy.On top of that, the monochrome dressing around me made me more dull. However, I came to embrace it nowadays as scientifically, black and grey shades hold in heat for much longer time so makes sense of wearing them during winters.

Photo by Qinxin Zhang(my friend)

Did I miss anything ? Feel free to enlighten me about German fashion 😉

5 food things Germany changed for an Indian

Hallo liebe Leute!

Ich heiße Soumi und ich komme aus Indien, um Masterstudium zu studieren. Ich lerne Deutsche Sprache, deswegen benutze ich sie immer. Der Grund dafür ist, dass je mehr ich es spreche, desto flüssiger werde ich. 

Entschuldigung! 😀 Auf Englisch nun.

I have been living in Germany since a year and another year lay ahead of me to finish my Masters. When I was living in India, every now and then, I used to try my hand at different cuisines because I was earning at that time and also, let’s be real! Indian currency lets you have lot of things for example for 1 Euro or 1 Dollar 😀 breakfast at your home. You can buy 12 eggs, 1/2 Litre double toned milk and maybe 2 or 3 apples or whatever fruit is in season. I miss all of the experiences I could have had there(I am a self-proclaimed foodie :-P)

As an Indian, most of the people are comfortable eating spicy and ‘hot’ food. So you can imagine, any other place other than Mexico or China, did not have the same attraction for a foodie like me. 

But I was wrong! 

So let’s get started, shall we? 5 unusual things are:

  1. It’s okay to drink Kaffee with Kuchen- Indians pride themselves on Tea.But for me nowadays I prefer coffee. In addition, you never see anyone in India having cakes or cookies with tea or coffee alone. There is always something salty or hot on the table . But Germany has a tradition of having only sweet savouries with coffee. You can find vending machines of coffee everywhere.But if you are craving Tea, you will be disappointed. Either pay more than a Euro in Cafes or buy sachets in supermarkets and make it .
  2. Sweet tooth,anyone? – I disliked sweets, seriously. India does have its plethora of sweets,no doubt about it. But Germany changed my own perception and liking. Infact, I have developed sweet addiction. :-\ Going to the gym keeps me on track, but when you see galore of cakes and pastries everywhere,it’s hard not to bite into it. My favourite is cheese cake, unlike anything I have tried before. It has the optimum level of sweetness and freshly baked cheese. But German varieties are more than this, the most well known is Blackforest cake followed by Berliner and Zweibelkuchen. The last one is weirdly sweet enough because its made up of onions and bacon. The list is a long one! Have a look here.
  3. Say ‘Cheese’- I was never a fan of cheese in India, because it has more fat content and the foodie in me, always warned me to stay away from it. Also, we don’t have much variety of cheeses there. Germany, on the other hand, welcomed me to the world of cheeses everywhere. I know that, lot of the cheeses are speciality of Italy,France and Netherlands, but when you go to the supermarkets, there is 1 wall entirely dedicated to cheese. I learned a lot about them here and actually like them having in my meals 2-3 times per month compared to 2-3 times per year earlier.
  4. Let’s get grilling!- I don’t think this is only in Germany, but am fully sure, that it is not part of India. Come summers and you will see lot of Germans out on their porch or in parks, with many sizes of Grills, ready to create some smoke with meat and veggies. They actually have portable Grills here. In India, grilling is confined to the small machine in your kitchen, called the combi microwave. It’s not a norm for people there to cook outside and also, it’s banned to even have picnic in some of the parks.
  5. Forget your Rotis & Naans- Indians have breads, maximum 10 varieties, if I am not wrong. But Germany emerges as the winner. They have more bakeries than ever and each bakery has so many varieties, that even till now, I have not been able to taste all the breads Germany has to offer. Infact, you can see most of the Germans having bread on its own for main course. Earlier, I found it hilarious, but now, I am part of that crowd and I actually enjoy it.(Don’t worry! I know what you are thinking. 😛 Constipation will not happen if you have the breads with seeds on them or try breads without white flour). Also, it saves time compared to rolling Rotis. 😀

You must be thinking,I forgot to mention Beer. Well, we all know about it already. My main aim was to introduce the strange things in Germany foodsphere. 😉

Hope you liked it! If I missed out on anything else, leave it in the comment section below. 🙂

Viele Grüße!


Big change


I have been staying alone for almost 6 months now and it is going to be 2 years in total!

Now, I know what you are thinking. In India, it is not common for a girl to leave the house,until unless she has her college or job in another city. This is perfectly normal for us. (Imagine saving up on rents and food :-D) My parents were really understanding and supportive when I told them that I wish to do Masters outside India.  I was looking forward to my life staying alone, not that my parents earlier restricted my actions. 😛

I have heard from lot of people,that initially its difficult,when you have to do all your work on your own. But for me,this change was not a blow. I was surprised at myself,that I accepted this change and did not fuss about it when I landed in Germany. 

The people here are more direct, which I like. You don’t have to pretend and say sweet words. They like being direct and love if the opposite person is honest. Before coming here, I had learnt about the culture from my German teachers,so for me, there was nothing shocking. They are perfectly okay with various hues of skin and curves. Most of them understand English, but not the older generation. If you try speaking in German, they love it,even though you are saying everything scrambled. 😛 One thing I agree upon, Beer is definitely their cup of tea. 

But apart from the Germans, I have a lot of international students in my class. Their cultures, their language and their personality are poles apart than mine. Initially, for me it was bit difficult how to act around them. You never know, what can get offensive for them,even though I find it funny. What worked for me in the end was observing everyone a lot and speaking only on relevant topics. I usually keep to myself. I am an ambivert so for me talking a lot was reserved only with people I was comfortable with,rest of the time, I prefer Netflixing or reading. I beleive,” Don’t try to fit in! It will happen on its own pace.”

I look forward to lot of such big changes in my life. I want to push my limits of adaptability. Wish me luck 😉



Tearing away pages

Hi all!

Hope your New Year was amazing. Mine went not too bad. I was curled up in my bed netflixing (Is that even a verb? :-\ ). 

Today, I was busy with my studies since I have exams next month. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Germany. The thing is I had already planned that I will never blog again,I literally forgot about this blog; but thanks to my boyfriend, he brought it up in our conversation some days back. Actually he was feeling bored and was stalking my old, hopelessly romantic, stupid version in this blog. ( He is a crazy ass 😀 and I still love him) . Have you heard of this saying,” Usually 1 is more romantic than the other in a couple.”? Yeah! He is the one. So, he is kind of surprised when he sees my ‘That’ version, in blog, not real life. 😉

I know you will start reading across my blog to find which posts I am talking about. STOP RIGHT THERE! Those posts are gone. I felt ,why should my crappy past be part of something which is really beautiful, which is going 4 years strong and still counting. He knows my past because he has been my friend. Actually he still is. My best friend, my boyfriend, annoying yet cute..I can’t describe him. That is what Love is, right? You cannot put it in words. 

My past has taught me a lot, changed me the most and I think that is my weird love story, which brought us even more together. It is not a fairytale story, but for me it is.  So if you are looking for the perfect person in the perfect situation, maybe you are missing out someone who is right there, always around you, whom you friendzoned. 😛 (Just kidding!). Don’t always expect movies. Create your own. 😉

So here I am, tearing away the old pages from my book. They were my draft. The final version is ready now. 😉

PS: I hope you are reading this. Happy Anniversary. Sorry! I cannot be more mushier than this. Don’t expect much. 😛 


Snackible snacks box review

Hey all!

I love trying out new things,be it restaurant,dish,subscription boxes or makeup. 😛 And I love reviewing them also.If you are like me who wants to keep trying out new experiences,then this post might be helpful to you,specially if you are a foodie.

I have tried subscription boxes related to health and beauty,but wished for a food/snacks service too.So when I heard of Snackible,I quickly jumped onto the wagon,filled my order form and clicked on ‘Submit’. Voila! My first snack subscription box.

Snackible is a subscription service that delivers healthy & delicious snacks to your doorstep on a weekly or monthly basis anywhere in India.Snackible is a solution for the snackaholics who face the constant struggle between health and taste. It is a subscription service delivering a snackbox on a weekly or monthly basis to your home or workplace. Your snackbox will be full of highly curated and unique snacks which are loaded with nutrition and taste giving you the best of both worlds.

Packages –

Weekly Box (Delivered Every Week)
1. Trial Box
2. 1 Month Subscription (4 boxes)
3. 3 Month Subscription (8 Boxes)
4. 6 month Subscription (12 Boxes)

Monthly Box (Delivered Every Month)
1. Single Box
2. 3 Month Subscription
3. 6 Month Subscription

Their site is http://www.snackible.com/. However,currently it is in developing stage.You can also find them on facebook and instagram to look at the photos of the delicious snacks.

My views: I had ordered the trial box and it is the cheapest of the lot.It retails for INR 295 only inclusive of shipping cost.The trial box will contain 5 individual sized packets which will last you a week.Hence the name trial/weekly box on their order form.

I loved the fact that you can choose your own snacks or you can tell them to choose for you.Also,they allow repetitons of snacks in your box.They accept COD and online payment both.I went for the COD.

What I had ordered-

  1. Roasted Soyabean Mix
  2. Oat Honey and Raisin Cookies
  3. Fruit Medley
  4. Baked Bhakarwadi
  5. Roasted Seed Mix

I gave the order on a saturday and it reached me on Monday,so they take care of the delivery time. 🙂
Packaging-The snacks came in a rectangular cardboard box with their logo on the top.When you open it,you are greeted with a pamphlet,listing out their snacks and a welcome note.I loved it. 🙂 Each of the packets displayed cost,weight,expiry date,calorie content and ingredients.The packets are like thick plastic zip-lock packet which is travel friendly.Sadly,my cookies got delivered in a broken state. 😦
Roasted seed mix-It tastes seed like 😛 ,no spices so may not satisfy your taste buds but I find this might help people who are diabetic or suffering from BP,as this doesn’t contain sugar or salt.
Roasted soyabean mix- This is yummy.It has spicy flavour so I finished this within 2 days.
Fruit medley-If you are a candy lover,you need to buy this.It tastes amazing,really like fruits .
Baked bhakarwadis-It is also spicy but bit hard,so if you having teeth problems,stay away.
Oat honey raisin cookies-They should have mentioned it contains almonds also.I am allergic to it so when I found out,I was controlling my urge to bite it.This came to me broken. 😦 But when I tasted it,it did taste good,specially for people who don’t like extreme teeth biting sugar in their meals.
IMG_20150613_000754_HDR IMG_20150613_000707_HDR
IMG_20150613_000928_HDR IMG_20150613_001013_HDR IMG_20150613_001027_HDR
Overall,I loved the snacks and their concept.Every snack was fresh,so yay! from my side.If you want to order any box,head over to their order form.
I hope you liked the review.If you have any questions,don’t hesitate to ask me.
Hope to see you in my next post.Bye. 🙂

Naturals Icecream parlour review

Heya everyone !

Recently, I went to CP or Rajiv Chowk as you like to call it ,for some shopping.Usually whenever I am in CP ,I have to try something new,be it a new lounge,cafe,dish etc.CP is the hub of central Delhi in India.

I am not a sweet tooth person but there are times,when I crave it more than a sugar lover. :- P And that day,it so happened that I was having one of those desires.

Delhi,during summers is an oven.Nothing beats a drippy ice cream in your hand,that you keep on licking even after it has finished.Honestly,I am a cup person. :- D Some prefer their delights in a cone,I prefer the non-messy cup.

Naturals ice cream parlour opened last year and it gained an immense appreciation for its initiative.Usually the ice creams we see today are mixed flavours,where they combine every possible flavour together. For a person like me,I love simple flavours.I want to taste and cherish the single flavour that lingers on my tongue.Naturals appears to fulfil that wish.They do have mixed flavours.

Price- INR 60 for a single scoop and double for 2 scoops.It doesn’t matter whether you take cone or cup.However,they do take charge for waffle cone. Also they have home delivery system which is something new here.I found the price nice on the basis of quantity and quality of ice cream.

Flavours- They have year long as well as seasonal flavours like at the moment,in the summers,they are serving only 2 flavours under seasonal-Mango and Kala jamun.My friend tasted that and said,” Oh Gosh! This tastes exactly like the sour fruit.” 😛 Tender coconut flavour is the sheen of the place.If you go there,try it. It’s neither too sweet nor too much salty.The best part of their ice creams is they serve bits of fruit in it.I had coconut bits which were very fresh and soft,which proved the fact that they actually make use of fresh fruits.My friend took roasted almond choco ice cream and she loved the almonds in it.

Ambience- They have majorly white indoors with quirky quotes and pictures on the walls.Since I visited only the ground floor,so don’t know,how the first floor looks like. My mistake! 😦 In the centre,they have a sitting place and at 1 corner,they have a couch for the privacy concerned people. 😛 The parlour is really spacious and one can easily spend hours in there.

Overall rating- 5/5… Do I have to say more? 😉

IMG_20150503_151340 IMG_20150503_150924 IMG_20150503_173842 IMG_20150503_150919  IMG_20150503_173829 IMG_20150503_150914