On so many instances, I thought  I knew you. But every second I am surprised, There is something left new. Be it the way you think, Maybe the way you act. Your look, your talk, Not a dream, it’s a fact. That playful smile, The teasing like a kid, Make me laugh,bother too. Inspite of that,I like it. All these little things, Little time we … Continue reading Enough

Don’t get hurt/sick in Germany!

Dear folks! I am going to write something here, which might disturb some Germans. But this is based on facts and personal experience. Recently I had an accident, which made me literally bleed on my dress. I had a deep gnash on my chin, with some broken teeth and a sensitive ear. Luckily, I had wonderful close people nearby who took prompt action and took … Continue reading Don’t get hurt/sick in Germany!

Woven Dreams

Blue skirt,White frilled top, Red pigtails with a green bike, She rode on dreaming, wind grazing her delicate face. She thought she was strong, Alas! It was just a friendly face, She rode on, wind slapping her delicate face. Mind racing ,processing , emotions so alien to her, Wet cheeks,pain inside and over. Can she tell? Can she explain? All the grabbing,all the touching. Yes,she … Continue reading Woven Dreams


It starts at first sight, the smile the looks. And when you stand by my side, everything comes standstill. The moment of truth, is it love? is it Lust? Or just bloom of youth, maybe infatuation. My heart longs for you, though it’s perilous. Yet I am prone to, well danger is enticing. All these years I learnt, nothing I remember. Maybe one last time … Continue reading Harmony

5 German fashion styles that make sense and look good

Hey everyone! Hope your New Year is going well. It’s been long since I posted my last blog post. But I have been researching for what I must write today. This is my 2nd winter in Germany and I feel,I can say something about the fashion here. I will try to be gender-neutral wherever possible. So let’s dive in. Say Scarfs!- Winter arrives and so … Continue reading 5 German fashion styles that make sense and look good